Be Smart & Do Not Buy Beauty Lies

Be Smart & Do Not Buy Beauty Lies
Be Smart & Do Not Buy Beauty Lies
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Have you ever tried to look in the mirror and imagine how you will look in 10 or 20 years? Ask any female what scares her the most? Without any shadow of doubt wrinkles and a face deprive of its freshness. Natural beauty, something that you might be feeling proud of, but the bitter truth is, you won’t be able to see this face of yours forever; it is not going to last forever because, unfortunately, time does not stand still. I have seen females spending thousands of bucks lavishly and they are busy buying the lies these makeup companies are selling foxily. Although we have no definite answer to the most mysterious question – how to prevent the natural aging process, yet we can still do something. But, using a few techniques you cannot only persevere your natural beauty longer, but can also save your pocket from more big holes.

Techniques For Preserving Your Natural Beauty Longer

Daily Beauty Routine Has A Major Impact On Your Skin Appearance

By proper care, I do not mean to ruin the routine of beauty. There are various negative factors that are primary causes of the aging of our skin such as stress, pollution, diet and exposure to sunlight. To keep our skin young longer, we must take into account these factors and we must learn how we can minimize these. In addition, the actual skin care and body is crucial.

Hydrate & Clean Your Skin 

According to the beauty specialists – clean your skin as conscientiously, do buy cosmetics responsibly as per your needs and skin, try to have regular facials at home and avoid having exaggerated makeup daily. Do not forget to hydrate yourself properly. Area experts say that we must learn to respect the golden rule of hydration! Do remember that water helps us keep our skin supple and firm. If you feel that your skin is dull and yellowed, it means that you do not drink enough water. Take action and consume two liters of water daily.

Do Keep A Close Eye On The Ingredients In Cosmetics That You Are Using

Most chemical ingredients such as parabens, petroleum, synthetic dyes, formaldehyde are dangerous for skin and can cause dryness, rashes, eczema or acne. Let your skin breathe and use as little makeup as you can. The skin is the organ that secretes most toxins in a process called osmosis. Too heavy makeup, if applied daily can lead to blocked pores due to sweat, germs. You need to give up on too heavy makeup; at least on the weekends, let your skin breathe!

Quit Smoking For A Good Skin

Do you know that smoking is bad for your skin? If you smoke a lot and not happy with the appearance of your skin, the best thing that you can do is – stop smoking. Smoking usually boosts the process of skin aging and change your skin color to pale color.

Never Miss Your Sunscreen Cream

For a better skin, using sunscreen is the most advised thing. To keep your beauty longer never leave your home without wearing sunscreen with SPF, be it a summer or winter. The sun is the one among other main culprits that causes premature death of skin and sucks your natural glow.

Watch Your Sleeping Patterns

You also need to sleep well because the hours you actually sleep are completely visible on your face. If you are used to stay up late or get few hours of sleep, your skin will look pale, dull and you get dark circles next morning. The eight hours of sleep is a sure help your natural beauty, giving you a complexion luminous even brilliant.

Techniques To Save Money While Buying Beauty Products

Admit it, each move you make to look better costs you money and it when it is about looks, most of the people barely abstain from spending huge. You just have to manage your beauty usages well and here are a few tricks with which you can save a lot of bucks.

Shampoo & Hair Dye

No need to buy packs of Shampoo bottles; one shampoo is enough, especially if your hair unusually don’t get very dirty. In order to not to waste shampoo, first dilute the quantity required in the water, as this way you will be able to spread it throughout your hair, quickly and easily. Do not ignore shampoo or conditioner samples found in magazines or made available in hotels, but use them! If you think changing your hair shampoo is not a good practice, then let me tell you that even experts believe it’s really not suitable to wash your hair with one type of shampoo. 

Skin Care

If you’re not sure what type of skin you have, make a visit to a dermatologist and learn, then invest only in products for your skin type! Otherwise, when your chosen product fails to work, it is going to be frustrating. Use, if possible, a 2 in 1 cleanser, to tone the skin, especially if you have normal or dry skin! Toning Lotion is a very cheap product, and it offers top quality especially for people with oily skin and enlarged pores.

Body Creams

There is no point spending money on products for skin exfoliation. To remove dead cells, all you need – granulated sugar or coarse salt. Mix two tablespoons of sugar or salt and a tablespoon of oil (vegetable or baby oil) and your scrub is ready! Massage using the sponge bath. Give a daily massage to the affected areas with a rough towel soaked in strong coffee. Then wrap the dead skin portion with a plastic wrap and wait a few minutes before entering the shower.


To save time and money, wax it yourself with a home based product made with sugar, lemon, and water! You need three tablespoons of sugar, three tablespoons of lemon juice, and a tablespoon of water. Put all ingredients over low heat and stir constantly until the sugar caramelizes. Allow them to cool until lukewarm and wax from sugar becomes sticky. Apply it with a plastic knife, into thin strips, in the direction of hair growth and removes them quickly in the opposite direction of hair growth.

Manicure And Pedicure

Nails short and rounded corners are in trend (no longer wear boxy nails). Choose a simple and lasting manicure that will keep you away for days on end salon and a cell gloss will give them shine without nail varnish you need. Do not apply polish thickly – you’ll eat quickly, and it takes a little manicure. Apply 2-3 coats thin, wait for each quote to dry before proceeding to the next. Drop cream and use milk – one cup cream in five cups of warm water. Soak your feet in this mixture, then rub with pumice good heels, put on a pair of cotton socks and sleep with it wet; watch out for the magic next day.

In some beauty salons,  you can enjoy better prices in the morning, than evening. Do I need to tell you that beauticians and hairstylists working on doorstep have a more affordable price than the salon?