Side Effects of Wearing Skin Tight Clothes

Be Cautious! There Are Side Effects Of Wearing Skin Tight Clothes
Be Cautious! There Are Side Effects Of Wearing Skin Tight Clothes
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Tight clothes not only look ugly, but they come with the highest degree of health hazards.

I seriously don’t understand the term, fashion, sometimes. Nowadays dresses are like statistics, they reveal more than they hide. Every second boy or girl is wearing skin tight clothes. It makes me feel like the nation is going through some kind of cloth shortage disaster. Today, I would like to talk about a mostly asked question – tight clothes side effects.

Not many of us know that skin tight clothing adversely not only affect our blood circulation, but also the nervous system, and some internal organs. Don’t believe me; here are some scientifically proved side-effects of wearing skin tight clothes.

1Pants With Slimming Effect

These kinda pants can lead to urinary incontinence, stomach pain, hyperventilation and panic attacks. Many women choose to wear tight pants without knowing much about the effects of wearing tight pants.

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In addition, these sorts of tight pants put direct pressure on the abdomen. The diaphragm can no longer move freely when you breathe and this leads to hyperventilation as well.

These kinda tight clothes lead to an extra pressure on your stomach when you cough or sneeze. This situation may result in farting, gastric reflux, and irritable bowel syndrome.

2Tight Pants

Because of skin tight pants, you can have pain in certain nerves of the legs, stomach, and hernia. Modern jeans are often quite uncomfortable, as they put pressure on the nerves in the pelvis up toward the outer part of the thigh. There may be a tingling sensation, numbness, and burning.

Doctors say 80% of people who come to the clinic with abdominal pain, continue wearing trousers up to 7 cm narrower than their size. As per the experts’ advice, it is better to wear loose pants and wearing a belt over the hips.

3Ties and Tight Collars

In this case,  a person may experience glaucoma, headaches, dizziness and shoulder pain. The eyes are affected, according to a study.

Tight tie and tight collar put pressure on the jugular vein in the neck and it finally increases the pressure on your eyes.

7 out of 10 men with too tight collars or necktie reported with carotid circulation leading to headaches, blurred vision, and tension and shoulder pain.


Tight underwear can lead to cystitis and infertility in men. Gynecologists warn that tight bikinis of any kind, especially those made of plastic, do not let air circulate and gather moisture, which irritates the skin and multiple bacteria.

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This can happen especially in women with low estrogen levels or those who are in menopause. Men may have infertility problems because of the pressure that is put on the testicles.


Too tight bras can lead to sore shoulders, breasts, and breathing problems. While buying, one must consider both the size of the cup and the part that is attached to the back.

Therefore, I must say that wearing skin tight clothes is not only a dangerous fashion, but bad for health as well. Moreover, what is the use of looking cool with health troubles?