Bad habits can destroy any marriage.

Bad habits can destroy any marriage
Bad habits can destroy any marriage
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Your marriage vows are most important in those moments when they are most difficult to keep.

It happens quite often that the seemingly happy relationship ends in divorce and the causes that experts blame are responsible for this trouble are some bad habits that eventually turn a couple into foes and destroy their marriage. It is shocking to learn that two people that seemed to fit so well, to love and be on the same wavelength parted. But, according to specialists in relationships, many couples strive to preserve the appearance of a happy marriage for a long time, trying to hide major issues grinds them because in the end to choose separation as the only way out of the impasse. There are some mistakes, which by their nature can gradually shake even the strongest relationship.

You Do Not Have The Same Plans

Often it happens that partners have different views on what is most important to them. Each of them believes that their personal goals are more important and that they should be the worst part is – they both should focus together. And, in these conditions, when each one of them pulls the rope in opposite directions, it is inevitable that the relationship does not break. At that stage, none of us is ready for giving a second thought on the very important aspect of a relationship – we are a team and our goals, overall, should be shared.

Men marry women with the hope they will never change. Women marry men with the hope they will change. Invariably they are both disappointed.Albert Einstien

Do You Know The Needs And Aspirations?

Each person has his own needs and desires that they expect their partner to follow. But, often it happens that the partners do not talk about these needs or assume that their loved one has the same expectations, which is completely wrong. Even if you love, does not mean that you are identical. Communication is a must and especially when it is about expectations from someone with whom you are sharing your life.

Do Not Show Affection

Special connections between two people who love gradually lose if the partners fail to show affection through gestures such as kissing, hugging, touching or holding hands. Lack of involvement from this point of view turns them into mere roommates or a couple in live-in relationships. Undoubtedly, this sort of relationship will result in the destruction of their marriage.

Oh, I’M sorry. I thought you meant what you promised. Silly Me.

You Neglect Each Other

This happens when you do not keep your promises with your partner. After a few years, most of the things automatically transforms’ to smallest and seemingly unimportant and partners stop paying attention and they do not listen either. I am sorry, but your partner priorities ultimately becomes not so important things. But, while you are ignoring your partner’s wishes, you are forcing your partner to divert his/her attention and energy in other directions. From this point onward, you start neglecting each other.

Marriage in like a rubber band held at both ends by two people. When on leaves … it hurts the other.

Get Stuck In Resentment

Unresolved cases from the past can poison the relationship. Anything you missed saying at the required time, will keep boomeranging your mind until you find an opportunity of spitting it out. One or both partners may have thoughts like “You did this thing, and I cannot get over.” Frankly saying, any discussions on something that happened in past will cause suffering, even though it happened a long time ago. Try to forget the past as it will not only help you in overcoming the difficult moments, but also save you from any attack of the ghosts of the past.

Not Face Reality

Each of you realized that your life as a couple is full of problems, but none of you is interested in doing some collectively to deal with those mistakes. Most of the time, facing the reality is difficult for both of you and thus prefer to do nothing and allow those hurdles to affect your relationship. False optimism does not help anything, and attitude like “all is well”, although each of you feels that it is true, will leave room for problems to deepen and become intractable.

Relationships last long because two people make a choice to keep it. Fight for it. And, work for it.

Argue To Win

The quarrels are inevitable in any couple. But, the truth is, when we talk about a sensitive subject, we love to focus our attention more on “being right” than on solutions. This turns any discussion into an argument. We need to understand that the goal is not to always prove one right, but to find the solutions.

When the attention of a partner focused exclusively on another aspect of life, be it a career, children or even an affair, the other partner will, in turn, seek refuge elsewhere. It is one of the most serious situations that unavoidably lead to the breakup of the marriage. In addition to this, a few couples develop a strange habit of linking each other for the slightest mistake. This gradually leads to installing a negative pattern in your married life and after a while, nonconstructive criticism will bring you to a situation where both of you will see only flaws. We as a couple must learn that difficult situations and problems that we face every day have a serious impact on our relationships and we want to keep our ego on the top; we are doing a great mistake of letting all these difficulties to affect the lives of our relationship.

A successful marriage requires falling in love many times, always with the person.