Disadvantages of Fashion – 5 Fashions That Are Making You Sick

5 Dangerous Clothing And Accessories For Your Health
5 Dangerous Clothing And Accessories For Your Health
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Do you know fashion makes you sick? A few of your clothes are causing severe damage to your body? Here are 5 dangerous clothes and accessories.

A recent study in this area revealed that clothing is one of the main culprits responsible for a backache, body posture and other physical problems in 73 percent women. Now, if you are already struggling with issues because of your wrong body posture, then these tight and uncomfortable clothes can make the situation even worse. Without wasting any more time, let me tell you about those 5 fashions that are making you sick.

1Wrong Bras

Disadvantages of Fashion – 5 Fashions That Are Making You Sick

When it comes to Bra, most of the women think that they wear the right bra. To them, the size and type, they use is the one that suits their body. However, the fact is, you get used to the size and type of bra you wear on daily basis.

If you think you have the right bra, I must say, you are wrong.

According to industry experts, nearly 80% of the women wear wrong size and type bra. To them, wearing a wrong size or type bra is one of the main reasons behind a backache and posture related issues. It is not about size only. When you choose a bra, apart from finding the right size of the cup, is to choose the bra that fits on your back properly. You need to be very careful about the brassier and straps while buying bras.

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A bra that fits well behind your back and comes with short straps, is ideally the right kind of bra. Such bras will support your shoulders and give your spine the right position.

2Oversize Bags or Purses

Disadvantages of Fashion – 5 Fashions That Are Making You Sick

I have seen women habitual of carrying oversize bags that are fully loaded with their makeup kits and other useless items. But to wear a full and heavy bag every day could cause health problems, including shoulder and back pain.

I am not saying that you should completely avoid wearing a heavy bag, but at least you should not wear that o on one shoulder. It will pull your shoulder down and your shoulders will no longer be aligned. As the time passes, your posture will get worse and later you may have to deal with the serious back, neck, and shoulder related problems.

3Tight Clothing

Disadvantages of Fashion – 5 Fashions That Are Making You Sick

Tight clothing is trending and becoming the most preferred dress of women all over the world. But like any other clothes that limit your physical activity, wearing tight pants is also a harmful fashion. Tight pants not only damage your physical posture, but it can affect your posture, leading to health problems in your back.

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According to doctors, wearing tight pants pull your pelvis back, which is harmful to the sacroiliac joint, those joints of the sacral area (sacrum) that are connected to the ilium bones by strong ligaments. The pressure in this area that supports the weight of the body could cause a backache.

If you are still fond of wearing tight jeans, then according to experts choose the jeans that are taller in height and containing a spandex elastic material so they are more elastic and more comfortable.

4Modeling Lingerie

Disadvantages of Fashion – 5 Fashions That Are Making You Sick

Perhaps you do not know that lingerie, especially for modeling, is dangerous to health in many ways. Among the problems, they cause include gastric reflux, deficiency circulating and excessive pressure in the stomach.

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As far as the support is concerned, these parts should be tight, but you can breathe freely. The modeling lingerie that tightens you hard affects your breathing and compresses the internal organs, which causes pain in different parts of the body.

5High-Heeled Shoes

Disadvantages of Fashion – 5 Fashions That Are Making You Sick

Maybe it looks very good and helps you look taller, but the high-heeled shoes can harm your health and posture in numerous ways. If you are wearing these high-heeled shoes on a consistent basis, you are actually causing a severe damage to your posture and back.

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To keep their heels on balance, most people have to lean forward a while. Your head will be straightforward, and this will create pressure on your neck muscles. Additionally, if you are a party person who stands for hours with her high-heeled shoes, you can imagine the amount of pressure that you are putting on your muscles and joints. This is happening because the soles are not placed on the floor and you are not distributing your weight evenly.

If you love the high-heeled shoes, then you wear them to the events and occasions where you will sit more in the chair.

Do You Have A Confusion? Ask An Expert

It is true that every woman wants to look different and better than the other. But to do this, wearing harmful fashion is not right at all. It is wise to not do any such fashion, which is destined to become a physical disorder. For the beauty that is not going to last for more than a few moments, you should not risk your health.

Please let us know your thoughts and experiences on this topic.