Baby Skin Delicate Skin Asks For Extra Care

Baby Skin-–-Delicate-Skin-Asks-For-Extra-Care
Baby Skin-–-Delicate-Skin-Asks-For-Extra-Care
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Ever experienced the softness of a baby’s skin? The tiny little hands and half opened eyes, seems like wishing me, “Hello Dad!”

I remember, the nurse asked me to hold my newborn daughter – “use sanitizer before you touch her face and avoid kissing her on the face for a few days.” I was like, “Why the hell I am not allowed to kiss my angel?” My wife then told me, “her skin is very delicate and soft at the moment and very much prone to infections. The best day of my life; undoubtedly. For a mother, her baby’s health is extremely important. According to various studies pertaining to baby skin claim that a considerable fraction of babies is facing skin related problems.

At birth, the baby’s skin has a pH value close to neutral, due to lack of protective acid layer. For this reason, it is very vulnerable to germs and other outside influences. A baby skin is 4-5 times thinner than an adult. Her cells are not as dense as those of the skin and lack adult protective stratum corneum. Only after about four years, the stratum corneum is complete and ready to protect the skin. In the first years of life, the skin allows rapid absorption of substances from outside – e.g. body care products. This sort of absorption offer enough reasons that need to be treated with great care.

In the early days, the baby is overwhelmed by the many impressions and sounds to which he/she is exposed. A baby responds to these stimuli from the outside, but from the inside and through both screaming and skin. So, it is your kid’s skin that shows us whether he/she is happy or not. Isn’t quite a strange thing. Let me tell you, how to examine the skin for this concept. A happy baby skin is warm and well irrigated. It has a high water content, give us the impressions that glow with health. In addition, babies wounds heal much faster than adults.

The disadvantage of this intense activity is high sensitivity to the infection. So, it is important to protect their skin as well as the protective layer of the skin that plays an important role in protecting the skin against dehydration. This explains why babies often have dry skin. Moreover, before a specific period, the skin glands that secrete oily substances are also not fully developed, thus water evaporates from the skin much faster. There are many ways to prevent skin dryness baby, and bathing with hot water and soap is the rarest one of those because it removes natural skin oils that are otherwise protecting the skin. Assistance in this regard is provided by shampoo and lotion for baby, which provides gentle cleansing for body and hair of the babies while maintaining their health.

Also, temperature and humidity levels in the house affect your baby’s skin. Make sure you are not too hot or too dry in the room. The humidity in the room is a factor to be taken into account, and in winter it is recommended use a humidifier. In winter, cold, wind and low humidity are the main factors that baby’s skin dry and reduces its elasticity. To prevent redness and itching, dermatologists recommend an intensive hydration. Before leaving for a walk, you need to protect your baby using a specially designed cream for hydration and protection.

Eczema is another problem very common in infants because these are often difficult to identify, most often being an allergy. The causes of allergies in young children are most often contact with water, soap, cosmetics, synthetic, heat, or wind. Allergic reactions can be, but also caused by certain foods, or can be inherited and thus cause skin irritation. Daily care with a neutral base cream or body lotion with calendula can protect the skin injured by a number of the reasons mentioned above, making it more powerful.

A thin layer of a cream consisting calendula is a good solution for soothing the irritated skin because zinc oxide content dries wet spills and has a calming effect on it’s biological and marigold extracts. Your baby skin becomes softer, smoother and protected with oil calendula baby applied by massage after a bath. The products will best protect the sensitive skin of babies are natural ones that do not contain dyes, preservatives or synthetic fragrances because they will be absorbed by the body in high concentrations.

The more natural product used for the skin, the more natural your body will react and baby.