Astrology – Predictions scare you?

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“If there is a solution then, what is the need of worrying and if there is no solution then, what is the use of worrying?”

“What is going to happen with me in the future is not letting me enjoy my present.” Why do we find it so hard to understand – “if there is a solution then, what is the need of worrying and if there is no solution then, what is the use of worrying?” Be it a dusk or dawn, every time I switch on my television, I see astrologers wearing colorful dresses, rosary beads and giving free advice about how people can make their life easier. “You should avoid wearing black, you must host a religious prayer, you must donate grass to cow, you must donate silver snakes and so on.” Before learning the basics, these predictions used to scare me a lot. But, now that I have a basic understanding of the subject, these disclosed secrets of happy life makes me laugh abundantly. I am not against astrology, but the idiots who never even been to the kindergartens of this science and pretend themselves as doctors of the subject.

A fellow walks to an astrologer. “Guru Ji, Please save me. I am so fed up of my life. No success at all.” The astrologer after making some tables say, “Shani ki Sadesati hai (it is the planet Saturn that is causing you trouble). Pay me ₹500, I will fix it for you.” The fellow said, “do not have ₹500.” The astrologer made another offer. “Okay, no problem. Pay me ₹100 and consider your worries dead.” The fellow again said, “ I don’t even have ₹10.” The astrologer was totally upset, “Arey Tu Ja,₹10 bhi nai e to Shani kya bigadengey tera (if you don’t even ₹10, then what Saturn is going to do to you).”

Being an astrology student myself, let me tell you a secret. There are two sorts of readings when it is about predicted something – “The first one is predictions based on Sun Sign Astrology, which is applicable to all in general. The one you read in newspapers and pocket horoscope books available at bookstores or subway stations. The second one is – real, down-to-earth personalized readings that only a professional is capable of giving; someone who has been through a lot of books.” Trust me, it is all business nowadays. Most of the astrologers with luxury offices are only capable of giving you the first type of reading; a reading that you want to hear. The best part is – their readings always accompany remedies. Whereas, those who have studied this science, they have a different story to tell. To them, there is no escape; albeit by meditating you can increase your endurance. Should by chance you get correct astrological predictions, consider those are an umbrella in the rain. It can only save you from getting completely drenched, but rain is going to be there. According to the experts, there is no one, but almighty himself who can tell you – what’s next. Do you think, the person you are asking for a paid/free reading is really capable of demystifying God’s plan? There could be exceptions, but those are rarest of the rare and trust me, they are only allowed to give you an indirect warning and at any cost, they cannot be a reason of any obstruction in nature’s plan.

It is all pre-destined. There are holy books claiming that our life is a scripted journey and we are here for its execution only.

Many are the plans in a person’s heart, but it is the Lord’s purpose that prevails Proverbs – 19.21 – Holy Bible

We have been told about the secret of our life quite a few times by our prophets. We pay homages to those holy books and recite these verses and hymns like parrots. We do have unshaken beliefs on these holy books, but we do not want to follow what these fountains of wisdom want to tell us. We think, buying garlands or lighting candles is all we got to do.

hukam rajaa-ee chalnaa naanak likhi-aa naal. ||1|| O Nanak, it is written that you shall obey the Hukam of His Command, and walk in the Way of His Will. ||1|| Japji Sahib (A Holy Book of Sikhs)

 I have seen people wearing gemstones, evil-eye bracelets, lucky pendants, birds/animals nails or teeth, yantras and black threads. I have spoken to many experts on the subjects and to them, these gemstones are nothing but stones for 90% of the people because of several reasons like – incorrect gemstone recommendation, flaws in gemstone, quality of gemstone and various others. It surprises me to the hell, what is the need of studying Engineering or Doctorate, when a ₹1100 Dhan Varsha Yantra (money shower talisman) can make you rich like Bill Gates. I highly doubt, if Steve Jobs, Carlos Slim, or Bill Gate have that magical talisman in their computer lab. I have never seen a white man chanting any sort of Mantra for his IQ improvement and then I wonder how soon they come up with jaw-dropping technologies. Every one of us must have a statue or photograph of Laxmi (The Goddess of Wealth), then why do most of us buy things on EMIs? We have been praying the Goddess since ages, yet we have never seen any increase in the value of our ₹(rupee)? If gemstones are so powerful that they can attract vibration from the planets, then how come the rest silently in the sea or mines or even in a jewelry store? How can a person be unlucky for his parents or someone, when we say there is a God in every human being?

I am not opposing astrology or religious practices, but fake astrologers. People are debating, whether astrology is a science or not. To scientists, “science is something on which hypothesis & observation has been done many times and the final outcome is a solid principle; a theorem that produces the same result irrespective of the data figures used for the test.” Whereas in astrology, though there are calculations, yet results variate when done by different people. People who believe in astrology, they classify science as – known and unknown facts. I am not going in there. To me, there is for sure a connection between stars and events. I am a firm believer of Karma; as you sow, so shall you reap. I think, wearing a talisman or lucky ring boosts your psychology of doing something; it is like half of the pain is gone after having a pain killer. My dear fellow friends, do not get owned by these media channels and inexperienced goons, who knows nothing about astrology. You need to listen carefully what our holy books have to say.

“tasmad asaktah satatam karyam karma samacara asakto hy acaran karma param apnoti purushah”
Therefore, without being attached to the results of activities, one should act as a matter of duty, for by working without attachment one attains the Supreme Lord Krishna - Bhagavad Gita