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As If I Am Really Concerned About Your Say
As If I Am Really Concerned About Your Say

As If I Am Really Concerned About Your Say

Indian cycle rickshaw driver sleeps on his bicycle in street of New Delhi.

Sukhdeep Singh

Sukhdeep Singh

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Passionate about playing with words. Sukhdeep is a Post Graduate in Finance. Besides penning down ideas, he is an expert online marketing consultant and a speaker.



  1. We are becoming deaf, dumb and blind monkeys.
  2. We are not allowed to ask questions.
  3. Our concerns are of no concern.

“People love it when you behave like one of the three monkeys. I am talking about those symbolic monkeys covering their lips, ears, and eyes.”

Express your discomfort and face the music; this is the bitter reality. Your concerns are of no concern and no one is really concerned about your say.

We are so proud that we live in an independent country, known for its democracy; a place where the common man is the ruler. But, watch out closely, are we the rulers or slaves?

From the very beginning of this mankind, we were told to behave like slaves; slaves of political quagmire, consumerism, nepotism, corruption, racism, fanaticism, media channels and above all, our emotions.

This is my country. I love my country. Never ask what country did for you, but ask what you did for the country. Consistently, and after proper homework, this kind of philosophies are fathered by the elected rulers of the country.

Be it a case of pollution, inflation, social disturbance, terrorism, or deficit budget, on the sufferer side, it is always people like you and me.

Watch out closely, who is ruling who and who is forming policies for who? Undoubtedly, the upper elite class of any civilization with all the bank balances and power boosters. Jungle Rule; I would name it.

Your opinions are of no one’s concern. We are becoming sheep and the best part is, we love it. Should anyone dares to walk in the opposite direction, people call him with all kind of filthy and derogatory names.

Why is so? Because we don’t ask questions. Despite, having a tattoo of a lion on biceps and a bold tagline on social media profile, we all are as scared as a lamb. We are not allowed to ask questions, not allowed to raise our voice, and definitely not allowed to express our feelings.

Unprofessional people are expecting professionalism. People with all sorts of criminal records are forming laws. New channels are more into their TRPs.

Journalism is becoming a paid business. A good education is becoming a luxury. People with A4 size papers of speeches and lectures on patriotism are sending their kids overseas for foreign education.

With a few exceptions, in the civilization like India, the minimum qualification for a clerk is graduation, but for the minister of the same section, even a high school dropped out will do.

The real reason behind the doctor’s happiness is your bad health. A lawyer loves it when you are in a legal trouble.

The hands that are under the oath of helping you in the right way, are actually vanishing you in an excellent way.

Saints are manufacturing products, product manufacturers are forming laws, law makers are performing as brand ambassadors. Look out, in the top section of this society, everyone is busy with his own shit.

And, all the troubles are for the common man. Without understanding the depth of anything, we start applauding.

“Yah! This is a right step taken by Government. This is going to make a difference.” Ain’t these policy makers feeding us with their own invented belief systems? After spending 40 years of my life, I cannot remember a thing that came with MRP slash.

Despite, paying road taxes, we are asked to pay toll taxes. No one is allowed to take any eatable in a cinema hall, where a bottle of water is five times expensive than its market price.

We are told to surrender subsidies, but how about you? The poverty line is defined by rich people of the society. What an irony and stupid idea.

The most hardworking people who clean our roads or dispose of our waste, we consider them as lower caste (Dalits) and untouchable people. And, those who are always after free food are known as the top class of the society.

We outcry a lot about abolishing caste based reservation, but no one wants to surrender the pride of his caste. How about making inter-caste marriage a law? 

Real heroes are on borders and not on the 70 mm screens. We never share them on our social media. No time. Dear patrons wake up. Ask questions. Express your grief.

If you are not hurt, it may be because an invisible hand protecting you. Stop assuming that there is no crime in the town.

React now! Otherwise, these elite class people who are delivering hour-long speeches on ending poverty, are going to erode poor people. No poor, no poverty.