Are you really into it or you just doing it?

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Kumar Sunil

Kumar Sunil

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Creative. One word says it all for Sunil. A engineer, an enthusiastic and conscientious Information Technology consultant by profession, Sunil shares a special interest with entrepreneurship and lifestyle.

“Try to get what you like or you will be forced to like what you get.”

Oh, not again. It is Monday tomorrow. Would you take a minute and help me understand your idea of your job and designation? Is it a matter of interest or a just a question of survival for you? Are you one of those who are more concerned about salaries than the nature of work? Are you doing job for salary only? Let me break it for you.

Do you think you are doing something that you always wanted to? Check around. I bet, 90% of people would shake their head in no, 8% will react the same way as ‘not-so-good’ students do after checking the question paper, and I am unsure about the remaining 2%. Job satisfaction always remained a mystery for a few, despite watching thousand of videos and reading countless articles.

So meaningful these few words are, but if followed. I believe, if you are not doing something that you always wanted to, you are just wasting the time of yours and resource of someone else. Undeniably, productivity and job satisfaction go hand in hand.

“I did my best and nothing more than this, I can do. I am done with this.” I am sure and even you will agree to this; the statement is nothing but a tattoo engrossed on your tongue and every time you sense your productivity under scanning, without wasting another moment, you show your tongue with engrossed tattoo to your management.

How can you be so sure of success when you don’t even know your goal? In that case, my situation is quite similar to a wayward traveler who is standing in a queue of railway ticket booking with his bags on, but know nothing about his final destination.

Admit it, when we are in the office, we think of the snacks that we will be having for supper after reaching home. When we are home, we think about month ending targets. Every now and then we think about quitting our existing company and joining another one with more salary and perks.

We all have a full-length list of the things that we want to change in our present work place, but never tried to write the same list about self. Isn’t quite amazing, we have become so scared of finding the ‘true us’ and to save our position instead of amending our skills, we prefer backbiting, and salving; licking the boot-soles. Truly said, “try to get what you like or you will be forced to like what you get.”

Job satisfaction and life satisfaction are interconnected according to various research papers. If you are happy with your personal life, more likely you will be happy with your job too.

Contrarily, if you are a depressed soul because of your personal ups-downs, you won’t be able to put your one hundred percent. There are substantiations, irrespective of the designation we are serving on, we all mix our personal worries with our profession and when questioned; we all feel like, oh, come on! We ain’t ‘Sadhus,’ we are humans with uncontrolled emotions.

If this is the case, one need to work on his/her balance. You need to amend your priority list and you must rate things from one to ten in order they make define your happiness. To earn money is not the challenge, but how you want to earn it, is a million dollars’ question. Before it is too late, you need to discover your passion.

The only mantra to success and satisfaction is, “either do what you love or love what you do.”