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Are You Happy With Your Life?
Are You Happy With Your Life?

Are You Happy With Your Life?

Unidentified man near City Palace in Jaipur India.


“All the world’s a stage, and all the men and women merely players.”

Shakespeare was so freaking right with his poem. Only a handful are playing the lead roles, whereas many others are like supporting artists and cameos only. And, the best part is – only a few of them are happy. Are you happy with your life?

I am a traveler. I love exploring distant places and strangers. Every heart is carrying tons of burden and every soul is hauling the burden of their own miseries. It seems like the world is so full of sadistic inhabitants; a perfect zombie land of disturbed brains.

However, there are many out there who are happy and thankful for everything they are blessed with. Yes! I am intentionally using this word called, “bless.” To understand the significance of this one word, you need to be one with faith in almighty.

Today, I want you to meet “Marrakesh,” my rickshaw puller; the man, who was my chauffeur, during my last visit at Jaipur. He gave me some lifetime lesson and that too while riding his rickshaw.

Oh yes! I can understand (Hindi) his Indian language. To cut the long story, I am jumping to the lessons that I learned from him.

It is all about your mentality

How stable are you with your thought process? And, is that you behind your thoughts or someone else is feeding you with his thoughts? We all know that our decisions are an outcome of our thoughts. So, if you are implementing someone’s thoughts, chances of failure are higher. The reason is you are doing it for pleasing others and not self.

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Be fearless

What are you scared of and why are you scared? We all are blessed with some strengths and we all have weaknesses as well. The point is, we should learn to accept our weaknesses and we must never stop exploring our strengths. Most of the time, we are sad because we are in the middle of our personality crises. We can be happy. All we need is – acceptance and fearlessness.

No comparisons

Why do you need a comparison? If you are comparing yourself with others, you are already downgrading yourself. In other terms, you are already considering them above you. And, how can you be happy in such a situation, where you are a losing the battle? You have got two options – either don’t be a part of this battle or do not compare yourself with other and just do you best.

Life means struggle

People say my life is full of struggle and my friend’s life is easy. In real, everyone is struggling, but struggling in his own way. I might be struggling for my bread and butter and you might be doing if for a few words of appreciation or for an article in the newspaper. What is the difference? For me, it is about stomach’s hunger, and for you, it is all about the hunger for praise. To walk on this path of thorns and challenges is our choice; no one is compelling us. And, when we want to walk, then what is the use of crying?

There is no escape

Roaming in the jungles for salvation is not the solution? To me, those self-proclaimed saints, who beg whole day and roam in jungles in the night are cowards. They don’t have guts to face the realities of life and they are after easy money and food. They are mental, psychically, morally, financially and spiritually handicaps. Happiness is not in roaming around jungles, but facing the life and doing something productive. It is all about making a contribution to the society. Moreover, God is everywhere.

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Don’t be a joker

Stop being a joker because you cannot please everyone. We are in century 21st and in this era, you can only make others happy when you are happy. So, learn to say ‘no’. There is no harm in it. Moreover, those who are a concern will never mind and those who mind, you should be least concerned about those. I am not always worried about other happiness. I am concerned about my happiness and that is how I manage to buy some smiles for my concerned people.

These six sermons were life changing for me. He sorted out many queries of mine; queries about life. His level of contentment was amazing. And, honestly speaking, I was a little jealous too.

Despite living a life full of struggle, Marrakesh was perhaps the first and last happy soul that I had a chance to meet with till today.