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Are You An Introvert Personality
Are You An Introvert Personality

Are You An Introvert Personality?

Sukhdeep Singh

Sukhdeep Singh

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“Detecting” introverts is not as easy thing to do as I believe because sometimes they are not at all shy or silent, assume responsibilities, work great as a team and are the quite skilled public speaker. But some features may “betray” introverted character of an individual.

Introverts were built around several stereotypes – whether they are shy, they do not like the presence of people that are not suitable as leaders or that are prone to depression. Indeed, these people prefer the company of a few close friends or they love to spend time alone. They prefer keeping their feelings reserve, which could be explained even biologically, by the way, their brain processes. Moreover, some people do not realize that belong to this type, especially if you are shy. How can you tell if you’re introverted?

Here are a few signals that could help you find out if you fit into the type introvert

For a few introverts, it is very easy to deliver a lecture in front of a crowd, but when it is about talking in a group of people, they get upset. Trust me, even famous people you see on TV may actually belong to this type.

You do not like discussions of complacency. Introverts love to keep their inner life hidden. They do not want to discuss their life or things in any sort of conversations.

Do you feel lonely even when you’re surrounded by so many people? Maybe you prefer, or you think you’re just a spectator or even a stranger, even when you’re in a group of people you know. If so, then you might be introverted.

Do not feel like wasting your time if you simply stay home alone. Maybe for some people spending the day quietly with a cup of tea and some magazines or books is a waste of time.

Meanwhile, you may enjoy free moments doing all sorts of activities from going out with friends, to go shopping or to try new and exciting activities. But introverts, a day comfortably in the privacy empty house is an oasis of relaxation and a way to charge the batteries after several days full of stress.

Place where you sit reveal an introverted personality. If you’ve just climbed a means of transport or in a subway car that is no longer than two or three people, where you choose to sit?

Introverts choose to sit in places where there are surrounded by other people. Usually the edge of the banks, not the middle. When going to the theater, introverts prefer to sit in the seats adjacent clearway or those positioned as the back of the room.So, where you sit?

Avoid answering the phone when you call them. Even if you just get a call from someone in the inner circle, you’d rather not answer when you call. Instead, choose to return the phone call when you feel mentally prepared and when you think you have enough energy to carry on a conversation. Are you the same type of person?

Among the things that betray an introverted personality can add that going to a party for close friends seeing you again not to meet new people, you like that deep discussion on the topics that challenge you to think.

Also, if you feel overwhelmed and lacking energy after an exit and you need moments spent quietly after such an experience, or maybe your spouse is extrovert, you might prefer to specialize in a particular field, not in more easily notice details that others escape them, or you were told that you should most “out of his shell” … all these could be signs that show you’re introverted.

In addition, if you like rather listen to others, doing their best to avoid conflicts, you are a perfectionist, you do not like too much surprises or situations that take you by surprise, you are perfectly an introverted personality.