Are you an honest human being? I bet, NO.

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“Honesty is the best policy,” they say. Nothing new in this quote and without a doubt, we all know what it means. Yes, honesty is a must and at any cost, we want people to call us a “Sacha aur Imandaar Insaan (True and Honest).” But, the reality is completely different. Be it any profession, any age-group or any gender, we all are a little dishonest at one point or another.

The scenario is so grim that is now a question of survival; an honest man is treated as a liability especially at our side of the continent.

Be it a relationship, business, or job, one cannot afford to be a one hundred percent honest all the time. Have you ever noticed the strange transformation in the characters? Most of us are becoming self-centered. Right from the day one of our school, we are being told about how not to be outspoken, but the saddest part is; no guidance was ever given about how to deal with angry and disturbed emotions.

I have heard about hundreds of cases where people get loans and jobs with fake documents, but at the same time, I have seen countless cases of inquiries on genuine people with all genuine documents. Should you be in a business of selling services, can you dare to sell anything by always telling the truth? Even for the things like a wedding proposal, a job interview, office day off, how I spent my weekend, how are my neighbors, my faith in God, how I think of my religion, how much I dislike someone in my relatives that I always have to spend time with; I want to speak the real thing out, but I cannot.

Just imagine, if you are honest, how hard it could be for you to hide away all those secrets of yours that are otherwise capable enough of spoiling everything you have. No wonder, how broadminded we Indians claim ourselves, but we still find it hard to digest our partner’s infatuations for someone else, be it before marriage or after.

We expect honesty from our partner, and that too when most of us are having crush every now and then. Do you know why? Just because we are not honest anymore.

Take an example of a blind date with someone whom you never met before; can you really tell your partner if he/she looks fat or his/her mouth stinks of bad-breathe? We know, it is not good to laugh at someone who is little deaf or who stammers. But, honestly, we all do. If someone is singing like a donkey, we do clap for him/her, “wah ji wah (wow).” We name it courtesy. The one who shows some guts and express his/her true feelings, people name him/her a rebel, idiot, and a SNOB. “Bahut Muhfat Hai! Bilkul bhi tamiz nahi sikhai. 

“Should you be on the path of the full disclosure, you already are on the path of a permanent closure.”

“The beauty lies in the beholder of the eyes,” they say. But, when it is about marrying a boy/girl with some physical defect, how many of us can come up with the courage required to stand by with aforesaid statement? We like to (facebook) share and comment the courage stories of people marrying acid victims, but how many of us do really have the guts for doing the same? We always hold discussions against eve-teasing and in the favor of valentines’ day. We talk a lot about love-heroes. Admit it, if you are not the one among those who get constipation after you see your daughters/sisters/cousins with a stranger boy. Where is the honesty? It is okay if I date a girl, but doing the same is not allowed to my own sister/daughter; not at all acceptable. Isn’t it more likely killing own honest opinions every day?

Ever thought, why do we people lie or why there is always a lip-sync error – people don’t say what they really want to. We do so because we know that people concerned are not going to accept our real reasons. People want to hear only nice things; things that suit them. In broader terms, if you are on the path of full disclosure, you are actually on the path of a permanent closure. There exists no difference between whether you truly are with someone or you are just saying it because at then end, we all are dishonest and we all have a “goli” (an excuse) for everything. After all this, we claim to be the honest man in the town?