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Anand Kumar - What We Can Learn From Him
Anand Kumar - What We Can Learn From Him

Things We Can Learn From Anand Kumar, The Mathematician

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Anand, hearing this one name, reminds me of the first superstar Late. Rajesh Khanna’s movie, where he depicted a character of a cancer patient who lived his life to the fullest, despite knowing his fate. After 46, once again, this name – Anand is again in news. But, this time, it is because of Anand Kumar, the mathematician and his Super 30, who cracked IIT with a success rate of 100% fourth time.

In case, you don’t know what Super 30 is, for your information, Super 30, is nothing, but an education program run by Anand himself that provides free coaching along with food and lodging to students who belongs to underprivileged sections of the society.

Anand Kumar, is a man, who himself faced countless financial hardships before he reached his current, has a lot to besides his mathematics secrets. Anand is a living elucidation to those, who say that they failed because of no financial aid.

And, his success story is a tight slap on those faces, who think securing a seat in a top class educational institute of this country, is a birthright of the children, coming from an elite class of our society.

If you are passionate enough about challenges, then you are surely going to taste success. And, once again country’s media is going to be as busy as it is today. The only difference will be, on that partuicular day, it is going to be your story.

Today, I would like to talk about a few things that we can learn from Anand Kumar, the mathematician.

Hard Work

If you are not working for your dreams, the someone else will hire you for his. After reading what little is available about Anand Kumar’s life story, all I can say is – beside his success is his hard work.

I only can imagine, how hard it could be for a person, to keep his passion alive and that too within so minimum affordable resources. We all want to be like him, but none of us is ready for the challenges; challenges of taking a six hours’ long train every weekend to add a few chapters to his mathematics knowledge, giving tuition and selling Papads with his mother to support his family and so on.

It is purely hard work. You need to lose a few things if you want to achieve something.

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Passion is the second thing that we can learn from him. Without passion, dreams are like a balloon without air; it is not going to fly and it is a useless piece of rubber. It was his passion, which is why, despite his life troubles, he never stopped.

Success comes to those, who show desperation. Of course, luck plays an important role, but lucky people only get the leftovers; a little part of things that are intentionally left behind by passionate people.


Life without discipline is like a boat without wing sail. At the age of 44, when most people are busy with their retirement plans and medical insurance policies, this man is busy with his own plans; the determination of helping every possible student, who wants to be something, but lack financial resources.

Knowledge sharing

At a stage, where he can make millions for him, Anand Kumar opted for helping others, especially those who deserved to be helped. And, this is why, he is being called as a guest speaker by Indian Institute of Management Ahmedabad, different IITs, University of British Columbia, Tokyo University and Stanford University and captured by the Discovery channel as well.

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Helping others

In a world, where it is all about self-interest, this man, is doing something extraordinary. I am talking about his Super 30. I know, like many others, he is also running his own coaching institute. But, I cannot recall any such institute that ever remained in limelight because of providing free coaching to students from the underprivileged sections.

Even after the success of Super 30 and growing popularity, every time Anand was approached by both national and international companies and government as well, with some financial help plans, he refused.

Respects for him. I don’t think, there is any other such example available in the education sector, where someone is educating students from his own pocket. This seriously is a praiseworthy thing.

It is not always about making money

He is the man, who is an example for my above mentioned statement. It is not always about making money. In a broader term, it is not that only money can buy you happiness. There are things that even money cannot buy.

Real happiness can be in helping others and seeing them grow. Real happiness can be sharing the thing that you have and benefiting them. It can be in thinking about others and not self only.

I am not a mathematics student and I don’t think, I am never going to be his coaching class student. However, I would really like to appreciate Anand Kumar for whatever he is doing.

He is a true inspiration for those, who have something to share, be it financial or academic.