An Unwanted Child – A child without childhood memories

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How hard could it be to live with a feeling that you are an unwanted child?

All we have about parents is only positive, but no denials there are cases where parents couldn’t come to the terms with the fact that they are going to have an unwanted child. I am talking about a kid, who just happened to be there, but not meant to be there.

Some of them are torn in the womb and their time on this earth was deliberately cut short. We cannot deny from the cases where parents instead tucking their babies in the bed, dumped them either with some kind orphanages or in the worst cases—a trash bin.

Who is an unwanted child? In general, any child who is rejected by his parents or parent because of any reason (either he was unplanned, born with physical defects, or for any other undisclosed reason). No doubt, we live in a society where having a child is a joyful event, but in some cases where newborn turns out to be a severally defective, this event becomes a traumatic episode.

“Is this my fault that I was an unwanted child? I still remember the day when I was born with birth abnormalities and, though I was an infant, but I swear to God, I managed to sense the sadness of my parents.

My parents were trying to camouflage behind their fake laughter when people were congratulating them for having me.” “Sir, your kid is not normal and is born with a birth defect,” said the doctor.

I cannot get myself away from that moment when I saw my father fighting with a dilemma about me. Every time my father gets drunk, he used to say this to me, “wish I had your younger sister before you, I would have aborted you.”

Can you imagine the pain that I have to live with; a pain of being a throw-away child. A child whom his parents never kissed. A child who never celebrated his birthday. A child who cried deep inside every single day and there was no one to console him.

There was no one to watch him when he was learning to walk, talk or play. Like an alien, he was always kept behind the curtains. Not a day goes when he was not told about how unwanted he was. I hauled it; the burden of being an unwanted child throughout my life. I must say, all these years for which I was treated as an unwanted child, I was actually preparing myself for living without favors and love.

Sometimes, I wonder, instead permitting a life that will then have to experience deprivation, suffering, or in the worst case, a brutal early death; why not preventing it in early stages?

But, again there will be a fight between the right justifications for sacrificing a human life.

I personally feel myself in an awkward situation, when I hear people talking about abortion and supporting orphanages at the same time. They want to have a baby born, but want someone else to feed them, educate them, care them, love them, and housed them.

I feel no hesitation in admitting, “standards of parenting (in these sorts of cases) have fallen down.” Deliberately, we are promoting child abuse and our rejections are converting them into a soul, full of hatred. Perhaps, childhood is the first every precious thing that poverty steals from a child.

Who is responsible? Who is at the fault? Is it a mistake of the parents? No way. To an extent, we all share equal responsibility. We as a society are equally accountable. We are the one who builds such a pathetic environment, where every such kid feels unsafe and unwanted.

Be it a second female child, a child with birth defect; we treat them as special child with special needs and that too in front of everyone.

Admit it, most of us have fake sympathy for these kinds of children.

Can you just imagine the state of mind of an autistic child when a bunch of eyes strangely look at him and make him realize that why his parents want him to stay inside?