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Amazing Wedding Rituals Across The World
Amazing Wedding Rituals Across The World

Amazing Wedding Rituals Across The World

Sukhdeep Singh

Sukhdeep Singh

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Marriage is the day that we all want to make as special as possible. But, what makes this day more special is – accustomed wedding rituals.

Wedding, a day that we start dreaming about at very early age. Don’t we? We cannot deny from the wedding lullabies; a white horse, a prince, and a blonde hair princess. So many countries, innumerable people, and wonderful wedding rituals. Here are a few of them.

India: Henna

The night before the wedding, the bride’s family have this tradition called Mehndi. In this ceremony the bride’s hands and feet are painted by an artist in delicate and very complicated patterns, which symbolize joy, beauty, and spiritual revelation.

Australia: The Bowl Drive

Joining two completely different family is not an easy thing to do. It has to start from the newly wed couple; they must learn to accept good and bad.

A tradition in Australia makes this step much easier. Immediately after the wedding, every member of both family (bride and groom) put one pebble in a large bowl, symbolizing the togetherness of new family.

Germany: Cutting log

Maybe not exactly the most exciting activity that you would like to do on your wedding day. But, in Germany, this usually has a very beautiful meaning.

Immediately after the marriage ceremony, the bride and groom cut with a saw log, symbolizing the first obstacle that I have overcome together.

China: The Tea Ceremony

After the wedding, the bride and groom hold a tea ceremony, which symbolizes a formal presentation to the new family.

To have this ceremony is very important and is carried out strictly. The offered tea is sipped from the cup, and the couple receives a gift from the one whom they serve.

Guatemala: Dancing All The Way To The Altar

Now, this is epic. In Guatemala, brides are not simply driven by their parents to the table at which the bread and wine are consecrated in communion services, but danced all the way. Father leads his daughter in front of the priest and that too in dance steps.

Philippines: Release Pigeons

A tradition which is known in the Western world is very popular in the Philippines. In this country, after the wedding ceremony, the newlyweds releases a pair of white doves, symbolizing a harmonious relationship and happy.

Japan: Sake Tasting

In Japan, the tradition of San San Kudo means “three, three, nine times,” the bride and groom drink three times in three bowls stacked one above the other. Three is a lucky number in Japan, representing love, wisdom, and happiness.

Pakistan: Garland of flowers

In Pakistan, the bride’s family often face groom with a garland of flowers and in return, he gives the bride a garland of flowers.

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