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Alcohol And Bodybuilding - Mixing Alcohol And Exercising Is A Bad Idea?
Alcohol And Bodybuilding - Mixing Alcohol And Exercising Is A Bad Idea?

Alcohol And Bodybuilding – Mixing Alcohol And Exercising Is A Bad Idea?


Regardless of your fitness diets and workout plans, if you are mixing alcohol with gym, you are doing it all wrong.

No matter how much hard-work you do around the weight-lifting machines, squat-racks, battle ropes, kettlebells or treadmills, if you are mixing alcohol with gym, you are doing it all in vain. Despite knowing that alcohol calories are a double-edged sword, we find excuses for having it and ask questions, like whether we should party ourselves with a few drinks, or not? Most people are doubtful about liquids calories; whether liquid calories count or not? And, most people don’t know that mixing alcohol and exercising is a bad idea. Alcohol and bodybuilding; better not to mix them.

To understand this, we first need to look at the science. To begin with, allow me to tell you that alcohol is not digested as food. About 20% of the alcohol goes to the stomach and the rest, 80%, to the small intestine. Since it is metabolized by the liver, alcohol in the body may disappear within a few hours (depending on the amount consumed) plus its effect depends on the ratio of the blood volume.

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Shocking But True Fact About Alcohol

A tall person, need more alcohol to feel its effects as compared to a short person with a varied volume of fluid in his body. This happens because the body has no special storage for alcohol and must be metabolized. This is the job of the liver.

When the liver is super optimized to deal with large quantities of alcohol or strong drinks, the chemicals will not deal with the toxins from the body, resulting in the accumulation of alcohol. And, eventually, alcohol will find its way to the brain and affect your coordination and reasoning.

Calories In Alcohol

Calories in each type of liquor are different. A glass of dry wine, for example, will contain far fewer calories, although it has the same alcohol content as a glass of sweet wine. Fortified wine with sweet sugars increases the caloric content.

The alcohol has 7 calories per gram. If you get used to drinking a few beers or a few cocktails in the evening, it’s like eating at a fast food chain. Beyond that, alcohol blocks the body fat burn and keep it in places they consider problematic, especially in the abdominal area.

Let Us Learn Why Mixing Alcohol And Exercising Is Not A Good Idea.

Alcohol Affects The Immune System

If you know a little science, you must be aware of the fact that our immune system is composed of a myriad of cells and tissues. And, we know that its’ immune system that helps our body, while fighting against infections.

The excessive consumption of alcohol means a stressed immune system. Excessive alcohol consumption can lead to problems of immunity and increases the risk of various diseases, not to mention the stress on the liver.

Whereas, having a strong immune system is directly associated with increased performances during training and will provide you quick recovery from infections and wounds that otherwise could prevent you from achieving your goal to lose weight or to put muscle. Therefore, do not mix, alcohol and bodybuilding.

Alcohol Affects Your Energy Level

Drinking alcohol may leave you without power. Also, alcohol can increase blood pressure and pulse. A heartbeat during aerobic exercise combined with stress due to alcohol can make training harder than ever, resulting in an ineffective training and low motivation.

Alcohol Dehydrates You

Dehydration has a number of negative effects on the body. When you’re dehydrated, you’re exposed to a number of risks such as tendrils, cramping or muscle tears.

Dehydration increases not only increase the risk of injury but also affects muscle growth.

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Alcohol Affects The Endocrine System

There is no point of discussing muscle growth and growth hormones. Growth hormone helps in the growth and maintenance of tissues, including muscles. And, alcohol negatively affects the essential hormone. It was shown that alcohol increases the stress hormone known as cortisol that can reduce growth hormone by 72%.

To conclude, I must say that for athletes, too much alcohol is harmful. Even after 48 hours of alcohol consumption, it may show effects like decreased stamina, decreased strength, decreased reflexes, fatigue, dehydration, negative effects on the cardiovascular system, restless sleep, loss of vitamins, and minerals.

Although moderate use of alcohol causes no problem, yet, it is better not to mix alcohol and gym. If you want to stay fit, you need to get rid of all unhealthy habits and calories. So, do not mix alcohol and bodybuilding.