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Affects of Abortions or Miscarriages On Your Pregnancy
Affects of Abortions or Miscarriages On Your Pregnancy

Affects of Abortions or Miscarriages On Your Pregnancy


Abortion is a sad and traumatic experience, despite the reason behind this decision. Most often women have an abortion because they feel that their pregnancy was extremely inappropriate.

There could be a few more reasons like medical history or physiological issues. But, dear ladies, do you have any idea about the affects of abortions or miscarriages on your pregnancy? Here are a few things that you should know about conception after a miscarriage.

Abortion Does Not Affect Fertility

Don’t panic. In general, abortion done by a specialist is a safe procedure and does not affect your fertility. Nowadays, with the advance of technology and medical knowledge, rates of infection and complications related to terminating a pregnancy have declined sharply.

But, still, there are chances while conducting this procedure.

However, you may have to be very careful before choosing a surgeon because any mistake during procedure following itself in can harm the reproductive organs (ovaries and fallopian tubes).

Repeated Abortions Leads To Weaken Cervix & Incompetency

If you had a single abortion, quite possibly it will have no effect on your chances of conception. But, if you keep on doing abortions; several dilatation and curettage (which refers to cleaning the uterus during an abortion), this scarring could cause the cervix and into the uterus.

Apart from this, any procedure that involves dilating the cervix, if done repeatedly can lead to its weakening. So, if you’re planning to get pregnant after successive abortions, you can expect to have incompetent cervix begins to dilate. This can lead to premature and early termination of pregnancy or premature birth.

It Can Be Dangerous To Get Pregnant Soon After Abortion

Experts advise passing at least three months after an abortion before trying to get pregnant. The uterus is strongly affected by an abortion and therefore needs time to heal. It is often followed by strong bleeding. And, also a surgical abortion is a combination of drugs (removing the top layer of the endometrium with a scraper). As a result, ideally, it is recommended at least a six months’ gap before trying another pregnancy.

It is Necessary To Use Contraceptives After Abortion

Even if you have bleeding or not, you’ll be entering a period where you will not have your periods; this does not mean you ovulate. It means you can get pregnant after an abortion if you do not use contraceptive pills or other means of protection. Unwanted pregnancy after a miscarriage may have the fate of advance, especially if you are not prepared mentally and physically for it.

Ask A Doctor For Pregnancy Planning

Even if you waited long enough for the uterus to heal, you need to talk to your doctor before planning a new task. Some diagnostic tests will show if you are ready for the task and if your uterus has healed enough to feed and shelter the baby.

Once you are physically and mentally prepared for the task, try doing more sex during fertile days to maximize your chances of conception.

Do not give up too soon, especially if you took the pill after conception. Your body needs to regain hormonal balance to conceive.