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Stop Being A Bad Parent And Accept Your Child For Who They Are

Stop Being A Bad Parent And Accept Your Child For Who They Are
Stop Being A Bad Parent And Accept Your Child For Who They Are
Photo Credit: pixabay

Correct me if I am wrong, but we as bad parents, want to live our dreams through our babies. And, while doing this, we become the biggest enemy of our kids. Truly said, “there are no bad children, only bad parents.”

No denial, for a few of us, the biggest embarrassment is having a baby who is not living up to the expectations of their parents. Instead of following their own personality, we want them to behave the way, we like. I have seen many parents, who are an extroverted person with introvert babies. And, they keep forcing their babies to behave differently than what they feel. But, do you know, this madness of yours for having a perfect baby is actually destroying the true personality of your baby? Why is it so hard to accept your child for who they are?

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Kids’ reality shows are now the prime time attraction in India. Seems like, our country is not at all serious about other talents (educational), but entertainment.

Every second parent wants his kid to be a playback singer or a film actor. And, I am saying this after researching about the rising TRP of such shows. I feel no hesitation in saying that these kinda shows are making parents over ambitious.

Well, I am not against these talent hunt shows. If your baby is really blessed with a talent, you must give him a chance. But, my objection is with those parents, who force their babies for this. You can see such parents on these reality shows as well.

Every second episode, you will see a parent crying on national television and telling the world, how big loser he is; “I always wanted to be a singer, but I failed. And, then I decided to make my kid a singer.”

My question to these kinds of parents is, “aren’t you using your kids as scapegoats to polish your failures?” It’s like upbringing babies for self-satisfactions. Aren’t we becoming selfish and bad parents? Why is it so difficult for you to accept your child for who they are?

I know, most of the parents are going to object. Parents think they are doing this for the betterment of their kids. But, what if I say – what you think is good may not coincide with what your kid understands it. Actually, we try to impose what we want, and we are least concerned about our baby’s personality.

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In my opinion, the role of parents is to show their kids the right direction and not to impose it. Every baby is unique and is blessed with qualities. Being parents, we need to stimulate and cultivate those qualities.

In addition, we need to help our baby with the problems and weaknesses. We need to understand that there exists a thin line between helping someone with amendments and forcing someone for amendments.

Stop making your kid feel like a loser. Stop using labels like, “your friend is better,” or “your colleague is more active.” These kinds of comparative statements are not going to motivate your kid. You need to understand that every baby’s growth rate is different. And, so are their dreams.

You must encourage their dreams, even if they are different from yours. I mean, do not demoralize your baby, if he wants to be a doctor and you want to see him dancing like a gymnastic player on one of these shows. Accept your child for who they are, instead of amending them to someone, who they are not.

The most important thing is – you need to understand that he is counting on you for any situation. And, his failure is your failure.