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A Parenting Challenge In Trend – How To Balance Work And Family
A Parenting Challenge In Trend – How To Balance Work And Family

A Parenting Challenge In Trend – How To Balance Work And Family


Sukhdeep Singh

Write Something To Right Something

Passionate about playing with words. Sukhdeep is a Post Graduate in Finance. Besides penning down ideas, he is an expert online marketing consultant and a speaker.


Saturday afternoon it was and was a day-off for me. But, not a work-off actually; was busy paying bills and doing groceries. While I was walking to the store, I saw a few teens, in their primary school uniforms with their tuition bags on the back and waiting outside a discotheque.

I was in a shock. Maybe this is not someone unusual for others, but for my age group’s people who are in their early 40’s or older than that; this kind of freedom is nothing, but another form of cheating. These kids are actually cheating their parents. Not only kids are miscreants in this scenario, but their parents are equally responsible. After seeing them, What I feel is – modern parents have no idea about how to balance work and family.

They are living in a double confusion; they are not only cheating their kids, but themselves as well. Let me say; dear parents, you cannot base your family’s survival on the cost of your family. How would you justify money-making at the cost of your kids?

Quiet a natural phenomenon, your distraction for someone is, his/her attraction for someone. And, if you are going to fill that spot with credit cards or hard cash, you are gravely mistaken. Money can get your anything, but not the moral values.

Earning money is very important for family support, but what are you going to do with the money after losing your kids or family?

I would like to contradict the justification that most of the parents give when asked about having a balance between work and family. To them, nowadays, both partners have to work and working schedules are odd. From dusk to dawn, parents are on a go; they leave their homes when street lights are at their fullest and the comeback when the same street lights are at the peak of their youthfulness. Modern parents say, “they can either go for job or can take care of a family.”

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This justification is completely wrong. Including me, I have seen many kids, who were nurtured by working parents. A few of them were in the government sector and the majority of them were working for private industries. Still, they managed to do everything for their kids, family and old family members (if any).

I have seen my mother, waking up at 4 A.M. After completing the kitchen for five of us, she used to go to her office and in the evening, the same schedule; kitchen, washing, and preparation for the next day. My dad, he used to take care of our financial, moral, educational and social needs. I never saw him missing his office for no good reason, never seen him going late, never seen him returning late, never seem him working on the weekends or after office hours. And, he used to drive two-wheelers, and yet, he used to manage everything wonderfully.

It is all about priorities, I believe. Saying that you got no time for your kids, is perhaps the biggest lie you speak to yourself. Do not forget, if you are not taking care of your kids, they will look for someone who does. And, that someone else could be a wolf in the skin of a lamb.

Balancing between work and family is not a rocket-science. It is very easy actually, but like other things, you need determination and you need to sort your priorities. Regardless of your tiring routine, you must spend some time with your kids.

If I talk about me as a parent; despite hectic schedules, I take no professional calls after working hours and on weekends regardless of the urgency. Unlike others, I am not a social media freak; other than my work, I barely access facebook or other social media tools. Smartphones are the real culprit.

I have seen people busy with their work phones, even after reaching home. I believe, we all have dual sim card smartphones with multiple profile/user creations. Switch your profiles according to place. No personal shit at work and no work shit at home. How about putting your office number on airplane mode once you enter your home and swapping the same once you are at the office?

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To an extent, it is about dedication and deliverance. I find no reason for your boss to make you sit late or force you to do work from home if you are meeting your deadlines on time. You need to understand how much time you need to do something and should you have any unexpected alteration, do not think twice about mentioning that to the concerned.

Psychologically, you need to deal with stress and to deal with stress, you need to deal with your habits and attitude towards things. Money is not the only thing your kids want from you. To them, your time is more important. While maintaining a balance between work and family, you need to learn how to maintain a balance between fun and watchfulness.

Be very careful and watchful about your kid’s behavior. Do keep a close eye on his/her peers because there is no use of crying over spilled milk. The sky is full of hawks and it is no one else, but your duty to protect your ward from those man-eater vultures.

Freedom is a good thing for the overall development of your kid. Allow your kids to do things of their own, but always remember, it is easier to teach a child than it is to repair an adult.