A kiss a day keeps the doctor away.

A kiss a day keeps the doctor away
A kiss a day keeps the doctor away
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Health benefits of kissing – Kissing burn 6.4 calories a minute. Isn’t it a nice workout?

“Kiss me baby one more time.” The kiss is the most obvious way to express our feelings to another person. Moreover, the kiss can be seen as a means to show that we are attracted to someone else. Besides, there are numerous health benefits of kissing that many of us don’t know. Scientists have shown that during the kiss, our body released substances such as serotonin and oxytocin that plays a vital role in improving our mood. A kiss can mean so many things: an expression of love, desire, disappointment or you can get bored. But, aside from the element of passion kiss, it can be a little healthy exercise gymnastics may increase the happiness hormone production and can change your mood darkened. The health benefits of kissing are quite important, and experts from the various sector have made a list of these benefits.

Kissing Is Good For Confidence

A study found that men receiving a kiss from his wife when he goes to work, earn more money. Dear ladies, if you make your man leave happy, your man will be more productive at work. According to the experts, “ the main reason of distraction at work is – family trouble or emotional problems at home. Should you give a kiss to you man, he will not be distracted from the job because of these problems.

Kissing also plays a great role in boosting your mood; it makes you feel loved and even connected to the reality. In other terms, a kiss can help you increase your self-esteem. How? The answer is pretty simple. When you kiss someone, inside you feel like there is someone in your life who not only loves, but will be with you in difficult times. This creates a sense of self-esteem and influences your mood, helping you relax.

Kissing Helps Relieve Headaches And Menstrual Cramps

Kissing is awesome when you have a headache or menstrual pain,” says experts. Perhaps at that time of the month you just want to curl up in bed, but dilation of blood vessels brought by a passionate kiss helps relieve pain or headaches or menstrual cramps. In fact, experts even recommend replacing the famous phrase “Not tonight because my head hurts” with “Yes, love tonight because my head hurts.”

Kissing Helps Fight Cavities

Kissing is, in fact, an exchange of saliva. When you kiss, you begin to secrete more saliva. This is the mechanism that removes tartar from teeth; the main cause of cavities. Kissing increases saliva production, which reduces bacteria in the mouth and, finally lowers tooth decay. From the experts’ point of view, the kiss is a natural process of cleaning teeth and it helps prevent cavities caused by food particles.

Kissing Produce More Hormones of Happiness

If you feel stressed or simply overwhelmed by daily life, a little kiss may be just what you need to feel better. It will relax and revitalize. Happiness substances in the brain, such as serotonin, dopamine or oxytocin start to be produced increasingly more, according to experts.

Kissing Helps Lower Blood Pressure

A kiss with your beloved is not only good for the soul, but also for the heart. When you kiss passionately, your heart starts beating faster, helping to lower your blood pressure. Blood vessels dilate and blood flows better to properly oxygenate all organs.

Kissing Helps Weight Loss

Indeed, it does not compare with half an hour on the bike, but an intense kiss session can burn between 8 and 16 calories. Kissing and sex can be a serious exercise, especially if you put passion into what you do. Make sure, to burn those calories, the kiss has to be intense.

Kissing Can also Function As A Lifting Facial

According to the specialist, a deep kiss can “refine” neck and jawline areas, if you are facing problems of aging. In the expert’s opinion, “the mouth has enough facial muscles. When they are involved in kissing, you can tone your skin. Kissing acts over 30 facial muscles. When you kiss, it creates tension in the cheek muscles, which causes traffic intensified in the face. This means not only your skin will become firmer, but also make you look younger!

The Improved Immune System

During the kiss, our immune system is aided by cells of immunoglobulin. At the same time, kissing helps lower immunoglobulins E by releasing histamine from mast cells responsible for triggering allergic reactions. At the biological level, when you kiss someone actually swap saliva with it. This force your body to produce antibodies in order to prevent any disease. We can, therefore, compare to the kiss with a vaccine.

There are some studies that claim – kissing as a barometer that one can use while picking up his/her best mate. It is a kind of “mate assessment tool” according to various experts. “It is all about the most sensitive feelings that a man could experience; the taste, smell, and touch.” You can really feel and hear someone when you kiss. It tells you about your mate; the way he/she kisses you is a profound advertisement of his character. It helps you understand who you are most compatible with and why. Do you still have reasons for not kissing your partner, even after learning about various benefits that a kiss has to offer?

I would like to rest my article by saying – men who kiss their wives in the morning live five years longer than those who don’t.