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7 Keys To A Successful Career
7 Keys To A Successful Career

7 Keys To A Successful Career

Why fit in, when you were born to stand out.


Kumar Sunil

Dreamer & Enthusiast

Creative. One word says it all for Sunil. A engineer, an enthusiastic and conscientious Information Technology consultant by profession, Sunil shares a special interest with entrepreneurship and lifestyle.


We all want to have a successful career. For that, we go to seminars, read books, and buy sessions with career experts. Unfortunately, we fail most of the time. Do you know why?

Undoubtedly, we all want to have a successful career. We all want to promote and climb as much as possible in the hierarchy. We all want to earn better and enjoy excellent relationships with colleagues and bosses. But, the problem is – not everyone gets lucky. And, the reason is – instead of sorting the real problems, we keep ourselves busy with temporary solutions. Truth is, “you cannot fix a problem without knowing what is the real problem?” You must have the right approach and positive attitude to deal with those problems. Here, I am going to talk about 7 keys to a successful career.

1Mastering Your Domain

Most of the candidates fail because they do not have a clear job description. They keep mastering on things that are not their domain. Multitasking is good. But, how about being a multitasking expert of your domain? Mastering the domain of your work is not only a prerequisite but an irreplaceable condition as well.

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2Professionalism With Your Career

I have no doubts about your intentions, behavior, loyalty, and knowledge. However, my point is – are you using these in the right direction? Ask yourself, “are you showing the true professionalism and dedication towards your career or you are just loyal to any job assigned?”

Tenacious work sustained efforts, perseverance and involvement are the keys to a successful career. However, before taking any assigned job seriously, show some loyalty for your career as well.

3Good Health And Positivism

To have a successful career, you need to take care of your health. It is very important to ensure the optimal functional status of the body. Without achieving a balance between the psychic and the physical system, you won’t be able to allow yourself to engage in prolonged efforts.

With a half-dead body, it is impossible to obtain the expected work efficiency. Therefore, good health, positive mindset, and analytical brain are the keys to a successful career.

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4Confirmation of Loyalty

This has to be a two-way program. In simpler terms, confirmation to the company and from the company, both are equally important. From your end, being loyal means to do your job properly and pursuing the common goals.

At the same time, watch out, if you are receiving the authentic credits from the company for the work done or not? If the company is not ready to highlight your efforts, then the company is not taking your career seriously, but their own objectives.

5Learn The Importance of Teamwork

We are living in a competitive world, and we all are becoming self-centric personalities. Do keep in mind, if you really want to win the game, never overlook the importance of teamwork. Many of us believe that success is all about solitary actions. In that case, let me tell you that joint action, cohesion, and empowerment are the equally important keys to a successful career.

6Master Your Communication Skills

In order to have a wonderful career, the importance of mastering communication skills is undeniable. The corporate world is full of stress, competitiveness, and jealousy. To surpass all these negative emotions, you must have a very good control on your words. Always choose your words carefully. Be it verbal or oral, communication plays an indispensable role in the career growth.

Regardless of your role in your institution, use of a civilized, polite language is highly required. The vulgarity of language, the use of harsh and insulting words are only going to create enmities and conflicts.

7Improve Your Situation Handling Skills

At work, learn to deal with office politics. Never forget that you are always surrounded by people who hate you and your progress. These kinds of jealous people will make no mistake in troubling your way. They are there to make sure that whatever remarks you make must reach to the boss because that is the only strategy they have for their career growth.

In that case, be very careful and improve your understanding of dealing with such situations. You cannot do much about those boot-lickers, but, you can always keep your emotions within limits and plan your steps accordingly.

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Furthermore, factors like motivation, passion, and foresightedness play an equally important role in the career. In addition, taking responsibility for mistakes, upgrading skills, and setting examples of compassion are few other very important keys to a successful career.

Always remember, honesty and hard work only bring results, when you use them in the right direction.