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7 Interesting Facts About Female Masturbation

7 Interesting Facts About Female Masturbation
7 Interesting Facts About Female Masturbation
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Unfortunately, women often do not have the opportunity to know their body and sexuality. Perhaps, this is why, most of them think that masturbation is a practice regarded as harmful or indecent.

The good news is that nowadays, many myths about sexuality have been dismantled. An interesting aspect is that sexologists and doctors have started recommending women to masturbate, as it can improve their mood. So to help you get rid of fears and inhibitions, in today’s article, we’re going to reveal 7 interesting facts about female masturbation that you will be amazed to know.

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1Improves mood

Women who masturbate enjoy a more relaxed mood and are less stressed than those who avoid this wonderful practice. The pleasure you feel when masturbating produces endorphins and serotonin, and these two neurotransmitters are associated with happiness and well-being.

2Prevents infections

Masturbation can prevent vaginal and urinary tract infections. Femoral masturbation helps the cervix to remove accumulated bacteria, which is an important factor in inhibiting the development of infections. The pleasure of masturbation stimulates the production of antibodies, fortifying the immune system and improving its response to infectious agents.

3Induce restful sleep

The sensation of pleasure and well-being produced by masturbation has a beneficial effect on the quality of sleep. Women who are accustomed to masturbating before bed often have a deeper and uninterrupted sleep.

This benefit is due to the secretion of hormones that induce physical and mental relaxation, which is essential in order to be able to rest properly.

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4May relieve menstrual cramps

Masturbation is not a miraculous solution to physical pain. But this practice could improve menstrual cramps and reduce their frequency. The excitement produced by clitoral and vaginal stimulation acts as a natural analgesic. With her help, you can relieve the pains that occur during menstruation. Also, because it stimulates hormone production, female masturbation controls inflammation and muscle tension.

5Improving sexual performance

One of the most important information about female masturbation is that it improves sexual performance. Women who are not afraid to take advantage of this enjoyable activity tend to have a more satisfying sex life. They are self-assured and know their own body better. Logically, when you masturbate, you can explore some very sensitive places. This can help a couple enjoy sex.

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In addition, masturbation allows you to free your imagination and fantasies so that you can increase your sexual desire and become more eager to try new things.

6You will get orgasm easier

Females who have difficulty in having orgasms will have much to gain by exploring the most sensitive areas of the body. Feminine masturbation engages the muscles of the pelvic floor, and facilitates the achievement of orgasm. The clitoris has over 8,000 nerve endings. When you stimulate it, you feel an indescribable pleasure. In fact, despite the preconceptions, most orgasms are achieved by stimulating the clitoris, not by penetration.

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7Calorie burning

Do you need a healthy way to burn calories? Masturbation is exactly what you are looking for! This practice can help you burn about 170 calories, depending on the length of the session, the stimulus method and the intensity of pleasure.

You do not have to be afraid to consider the 8 information about female masturbation presented in this article. As a woman, you have the right to know your body and to enjoy it whenever you want.