7 Simple Ways To Tell If Someone Is Lying

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Body Language Secrets - How To Tell If Someone Is Lying
Body Language Secrets - How To Tell If Someone Is Lying
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Sukhdeep Singh

Sukhdeep Singh

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We all must have told lies at least once in our life, be it our school, university or workplace, we are addicted to this ‘easy-to-skip,’ way out. We all know the plus and minus of befriending this ogre, but still, we enjoy speaking fictions.

Have you ever suspected that maybe your spouse, employee or a business partner is lying to you? Ever wondered, how come some people are very good at detecting lies of the others? In this article, I will be telling you about 7 simple ways to tell if someone is lying.

A study of several psychologists suggests that our instincts when we feel that someone is lying are quite accurate.

According to an expert from FBI (expert in body language and behavioral analysis) says that if you want to grab someone who is lying to you, you should practice on knowing how lairs behavior swings. You need to master yourself with finding the differences and analyzing person’s body language, the tone of voice, facial expressions, etc. There are some signs that you probably look pass normally, but if you pay a little attention you can clearly spot a liar.

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1Gestures Asymmetrical

Do keep a closer eye on hand gestures or point when the person is talking. Should you see useless movements; this is a sign that you need to remember. This asymmetry gesture appears when one says something and thinks something else and this results in a mismatch of gestures.

As well as facial expressions of the person may become asymmetrical, for example, a part of the face is strained and the best part is trying to smile. Paying attention to such details, you’ll be able to observe them easily.

There is another rule about improvisations and imagination. Scientifically, most people access the imagination when looking at the upper right. When you look in the upper left accesses memories, and in the top right imagines different things, including an untrue answer.

2Replies Too Fast or Too Slow

If someone responds to a question very quickly say less than one second, it is a clear sign that the person was ready with an answer that is unlikely to be true. Usually, when a human mind is already prepared for the questions, there are high probabilities that it will have a pre-planned answer.

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When you’re not prepared to answer a particular question, it will take at least a second to offer an answer and this is what confirms the reality. Similarly is the case with when someone replies too slow. Likewise, if someone is finding it difficult to answer questions within an expected time frame, most likely he is cooking up a story in his head, thus, telling a lie.

3Inability to Resume A Story in Reverse

Act a little smartly when you already know that someone is telling you a story. Try this one – listen to the story carefully and do not miss to note a few facts from the story. Then, interrupt the storyteller in the midway and ask him to reverse his story and pay close attention to those few facts that you have noted.

Listen carefully and check whether the facts are coming in the same order or not? Keep telling him that, “previously you said this or that and now you are telling me something else,” even if everything is in perfect order. If the story is improvised, the teller will have a long hesitation in giving you an answer.

4Playing With Hands – Cover Their Mouth or Improper Touching

This is one of the easiest signs that you can tell when someone is lying as covering the mouth is an instinct with which we all were born. Ever noticed small children; when they say something stupid, they put their hands on the mouth immediately, as if they are trying to stop that nonsense out. With the time, we have mastered this gesture and often use this as an escape when we lie, albeit in a more subtle way. It is a kind of gesture that we human tend to perform spontaneously.

5Storytelling Is Always Accurate

If you are telling a story that you already scripted well, there is no chance of mistakes or facts’ auto-correction. As you have already worked out those areas, so you make double sure that there is no flaw in your story.

In addition, you will prepare yourself with the counter questions in advance. Whereas, if you are sharing facts, most of the details will come to your mind along the way, which is why this sort of communication takes longer as you need more time to self-correct yourself from time to time. Therefore, if things are coming in one-shot – that is a story.

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6Wrong Answer To Simple Questions

A liar will always give wrong answers to even the simplest questions and that too in a very prompt manner. For example – if you ask – where were you and you can expect the answer, “I have done nothing wrong.”

This means you are surely lying and you are also trying to avoid those questions. The logic is – when you ask a question of good faith and you are offered an answer with a very suspicious excuse; without any shadow of the doubt, you are served with a lie.

7Look In The Eyes And Record Eye Movements

Do you know the science behind our eyes? The idea is that when a person moves his eyes up to the left, his brain is trying to access the memories of the past. In other words, he is going to tell you something that really happened in the past and that is the truth.

But, conversely, if the person moves up his eyes to the right, at this moment he is pushing his creativity, i.e., this time, his brain is sending signals to the creative centers. In other words, he is imagining things, thus preparing lies. It is a small “trick” and remembers this is not very tough either.

Do You Have A Confusion? Ask An Expert

Usually, these signs are universal but must be interpreted with care. The presence of a single sign does not mean 100% that the person is lying or lied. However, the more signs simply reflect the higher probabilities of lies. Though this practice is not going to be an easy one, yet after a little practice, you will recognize very easily. Once you master these indications, you can be sure of not being duped again in your professional or personal life.

Liars don’t get second chances, and secrets don’t make friends. So open up and spill your guts. Be sure you make an honest mess.