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10 Signs That You Are Heading Towards A Divorce

10 Signs That You Are Heading Towards A Divorce
10 Signs That You Are Heading Towards A Divorce
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Sukhdeep Singh

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Passionate about playing with words. Sukhdeep is a Post Graduate in Finance. Besides penning down ideas, he is an expert online marketing consultant and a speaker.

If there are no ups and downs in your ECG graph, the doctor will declare you are dead.

Sometimes, I wonder at this above-said statement. How true is this? Be it a graph of our heart or life, if there are no ups and down, we are dead. Same is the case with relationships. However, in the case of relationships, we have options. We have two paths to choose from; one leads to sorting things and happy marriage and other leads to having a painful breakup. No one can predict the life of your relationship through a crystal ball, but you. However, there are some signs and if you see them, you’ll know it’s time to end things. Here are those 10 signs that you are heading towards a divorce or breakup.

1Absence of communication and affection

Undoubtedly, communication and affection play an important role. Life becomes a hell-ride when “I love you” turns into reproach and strife.

If partners are not communicating with each other, but with others about each other; this is the first and foremost sign that the relationship is in danger.

2No or low self-esteem

Practically, a powerful man and a helpless man can never be friends. Be it a partnership or relationship, if partners are not taking a stand for each other, and one of them feels weak and powerless; there is no use of such relationship.

If you are always surrounded with doubts and keep on compromising your self-esteem in hope that one-day things will be better; it is better to untie the knot and set yourself free.

3No time for each other

You should not spend all your time with your partner, but at least most of it. If you are no way connected to each other and have no time for each other, there is no fun of pretending as a couple.

You need to understand that you have already separated your ways and now, there is no use of trying things.

4No more friends

A relationship is not only about two people, but two social circles. If you are not happy with getting social with each other and no longer enjoy as a couple anymore, it is better to sign-off.

5No fun and no sex

Couples do all kinds of things including sex. Any relationship that is only about sex or without sex, cannot survive.

Should you see these things missing, consider it as an alarm. If you guys have no list of fun activities, you should exclude yourself from each other’s life.

6Spying and playing James Bond

A relationship is not a football game where you tell your partner it’s his turn to cook because it was you behind the kitchen apron. It is neither about spying your partner; where is he, what is he doing, with whom he is, why is he late, whom he is talking to, and so on.

Any relationship is all about having trust. And, distrust is a byproduct of mistakes. In case your partner is always behind you with binoculars and that too for no reason, it is a time to quit.

7Are you playing a one-sided game

Is that only you using all the energy for making things better and not your partner? My friend! You are playing a one-sided match. What is the use of chasing a cricket ball whole day, when you know there is not batting for you, but only fielding?

A relationship should grow and evolve. If you think you are the one trying, you might need to get out of that relationship.

8Same song every time

Are you guys always arguing for the same reason that was never solved or something that neither of you can find a solution for?

Trust me, every time you argue for the same question without answering the problem, is going to heat up the misunderstandings. And, that vicious cycle is never going to end. So, it is a clear alarm; quit it.

9You are trying to be a nobody

You are treating yourself like you do not exist. Are you serious? Is that you the one say sorry all the time? Is that you behind the culprit box?

Trust me, things are not going to sort. And, you will never be happy with the person next to you.

10No favors, but duty

To support your partner is not a choice or you are not doing any favor. It is a necessity and your duty as well.

If you do not feel encouraged to things for your spouse, it is time to assess your relationship.

To appreciate the people around you for the way they look is not a bad thing, but when looking for affection from anybody other than your partner, it is clear that the relationship no longer makes sense.

Still, breaking up with someone is not the only solution. All the above problems can be solved, if we can explore for help from those around us.