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Engagement or wedding ritual remains incomplete until the rings are exchanged. But have you ever wondered, why this ring is worn on ring (fourth) finger?

The wedding ring is the symbol of and before two people agree to start their life as a family, they need to exchange rings; on the ring finger of left hand. The question that comes to mind is, “why wedding ring is worn on ring finger?”

Basically, this ring is worn on the ring finger of right hand after engagement. And, at the time of marriage, the ring is worn on the same finger, but left hand. Many people prefer to exchange ring at both ceremonies, but a few chose to exchange only on the day of wedding.

The secret behind wearing it on the fourth finger is very obvious. The reason behind wearing ring is exhibiting the union of two people, symbolizes eternity and eternal love.

The reason behind wearing it on fourth finger is very interesting and strange. In ancient times it was said that this is the finger where vein of love is and that goes directly to the heart. Therefore, the ring worn on this finger means having a symbol on someone close to your heart.

Another very amazing explanation was found in the books of Chinese traditions. The Chinese are of belief that each finger represents something. Our thumb represents our and index finger represent relatives. Similarly, middle finger means we as a person, ring finger symbolize wife or husband and little finger children.

Now you need to join your hands like for prayer. But, you need to bend middle fingers of both hands.

Try to apart your thumbs. Yes! It is quite possible. The belief is that parents are not going to stay with you forever, one day they are going to leave you.

Then, join your thumbs back and do the same with your index finger. Again, it is possible. According to Chinese belief this mean your relatives are not going to stay with you either.

Join back your index fingers. Now, skip index finger and do the same with your little fingers. You will see that you can wide open them; means your are also not going to stay with your for long.

Alright. Back to pavilion. Now, try doing apart your ring fingers i.e. fourth fingers. Oh my god! You will be surprised to see that you are not be able to detach. This shows that you and your spouse are meant to be together.

Bravo! Now I know why wedding ring is worn on ring finger.