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Daughters are truly a blessing for those who have them. And I’m sure the parents who don’t, secretly wish they had them.

Whether a 3 month old learning to laugh at all the new things she observes or a teenager teaching to her , daughters are the best things in the world. For a long time now, people have often debated why having a son is better. Today, in this article, we tell you otherwise. We are all for daughters. And here are a few reasons why we think having a daughter is the best thing in the world.


  1. Daughters are a blessing.
  2. They are your best friends when you most need someone.
  3. Life would be colorless without daughters.

Daughters have a special with their fathers

It goes without saying that all have a great bond with their parents. But when it comes to daughters, their love with their fathers is unimaginable. It is a lifelong infatuation. This is the kind of love that maybe even their fathers have never felt or witnessed. Daughters truly change the way fathers perceive love.

You can find a lifelong loyal friend in daughters

It is only a daughter who will snuggle under a blanket with you after a long tiring day and ask how your day has been. Whether she’s 5 or 25, she will make sure that as long as she is around, her parents have someone to talk to.

Daughters will be there when you are old

I know a lot of you would think that even sons are there when their parents get old. But with daughters it is different. Daughters are there with their old aged parents both physically as well as emotionally. It is hard for a daughter not to think of her parents even if she’s living away, married off or anything of that sort. If given a choice, a daughter would any day choose to be with her parents and look after them her entire life.

Daughters change you for the good

No the life of a husband and wife takes a drastic change when they become parents. But wait until you become a parent to a baby girl. The moment you hold your daughter in your arms, you become protective, extra cautious, you start feeling emotions you never thought you could. All in all you become the better you for you daughter.

Daughters turn out to be your little helpers

As much as all the kids love doing things around the house, daughters truly help in giving you a hand with everything. They will help you cook, clean, go grocery shopping and what not. You couldn’t ask for a better partner than a daughter to help you with the things you most need help with everyday.

Daughters make their parents have a better relationship

It is true that seeing the love both the parents have for their daughter, the couple automatically starts having a better relationship for them. It is certainly the case for a lot of parents with daughters I know. They have found a love better than they had before their daughters were born.

Yes, it is a blessing to have a kid but it is even better when you have a daughter. Only parents with daughters truly know what it feels like when all the love they have, they shower upon their daughters. They would do anything and everything to make sure not a tear drop from those beautiful eyes on to those rosy cheeks.

Yes, daughters do leave us when we marry them off, but they forever remain in our thoughts and hearts. And the same goes for them as not a day that passes by when they don’t think of their parents.