Why Do Good People Stay In An Unhealthy Relationships

Why Do Good People Stay In An Unhealthy Relationships
Why Do Good People Stay In An Unhealthy Relationships
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Vishakha Rawal

Vishakha Rawal

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A healthy relationship will never require you to sacrifice your friends, your dreams, or your dignity.


  1. I'll Not Find Somebody Better Than Him.
  2. I Don't Want To Be Alone.
  3. I Have Invested So Much of Time And Feelings.

After so many years, I am still figuring out why do good people stay in an unhealthy .

After three months of hardwork, I bought an iPhone, my first possession from my savings! For the world, it was just a phone, but for me, it was an achievement; a perfect blend of my emotions, love, feelings.. Then, on an ill-fated day, i dropped it; literally gave me an heartache.

I was sad… After investing so much – time, feelings and , I really want to get it fixed and tried hard to make it work somehow.. going from store to store in search of some genius who can repair it. However, nothing worked. After a point I had to let it go and look out for a better reliable option.

In the midst of all this, suddenly something rang to my mind and I started comparing the situation of my phone with my sinking .

So, here consider “phone” being a metaphor for a “relationship” and the “phone issues” being a metaphor for your “relationship issues.” Does something rings to you here? Exactly! my point. In most cases, people stay in a relationship even when they are not happy because of the 3 bigs – Time, Feelings and Money.

This topic has always managed to intrigue me and so I got a chance to talk to various people about it. Here goes the list of absurd reasons they stay in an unhappy relationship:

I’ll Not Find Somebody Better Than Him/Her

Common, there are plenty of fish in the sea. You just need to keep swimming and for sure you’ll find your Nemo one day! You just need to keep your lines open. The right person will never make you feel that you’ll not find anybody better than him/her. Take my words.

I Don’t Want To Be Alone

Why not? Are you not interesting enough to enjoy your company? Stop relying on others for your entertainment. You can , come out of a wrong relationship and utilize the time for your own development. You can work on upgrading yourself so that you can find somebody like you!

I Have Invested So Much of Time And Feelings!

It’s completely fine, sometimes you don’t get a return on investment, do you still stop investing? Life is all about present and future and if you think your future will not be right with this person, don’t think about your investments.

Take a chance to invest in something big and better for which you think you’ll get your returns right.

I’m Just Used To Him/Her, Can’t Do Anything About It

You are used to being under the protective shield of your parents as well. Don’t you move out of the shield to become independent and do something right for yourself? Habits can be changed, my dear.

The Way We Met Was Just Like A Fairy Tale

Fairy tales, I tell you! By the way, the beginning of all love stories seems like a fairy tale to the people in it. Sometimes, the end can also be a fairy tale ending where the two people live happily ever after, but separately!

Well, some reasons are really genuine! I had a friend who didn’t want to with her boyfriend just because her brother needed her then boyfriend’s mattress for the summer. She actually delayed the breakup for 3 months! Common, it was a genuine reason! wasn’t it?

Isn’t it sad when people don’t explore what’s better for them and get stuck in unwanted relationships and that too because of their own complex assumptions?