Try Ice Cubes Therapy And Have A Flawless Complexion

Try Ice Cubes Therapy And Have A Flawless Complexion
Try Ice Cubes Therapy And Have A Flawless Complexion
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  1. Makes your makeup last longer.
  2. Helps in reducing large pores.
  3. Prevents premature ageing and wrinkles.

A poll revealed that on average women spend almost two years of their life applying makeup. Freakishly crazy. Isn’t it?

Let’s not do any more scuba diving in these statistics. Dear ladies, I don’t want to upset you because that is not what I am here for. Well, I would share a few brilliant tips of Ice cubes and its miraculous results on skin.

When it is about sacrifices and compromises; ladies, you are matchless. No comparison. No one can even come closer to you. However, there is an exception and that is “appearance.” Ask a lady to give up her cosmetics and, then dare to stay there for her reactions.

Indeed, they do. Undoubtedly, this care is expensive and not every lady can afford it. It is not always about money, but time as well. For those busy ladies, here are some tips straight from the diary of an expert. These are the easiest solutions that ladies can try at home without visiting beauty workshops. Now, you don’t need to get your shoulders rubbed with an ugly looking fatso. Buy yourself a treatment and try these ice cube therapy tips.

But, before testing one must not overlook a few important rules:

  • The ice is applied without using a cloth, but always remember to wear gloves, so that you can hold the ice cubes properly.
  • Using an object between the ice and skin will have the same effect as if applicable ice directly on your face. So, it is okay to cover the ice in a cloth before applying on skin.
  • Extreme cold ice can break capillaries under the skin, so do not apply ice directly from the freezer.
  • You should not use ice directly on skin that is already suffering from sensitive or capillaries.

Should these ice cubes make you uncomfortable for any reason like coldness, stop the procedure. Do not apply on an area for more than 15 minutes.

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You can opt for special water used for ice cubes, such as rosewater, lemon, green tea, chamomile, cucumber and other skin friendly ingredients, depending on your needs its care.

The effects of therapy will be even greater if you use green tea, cucumber, and garlic to fill forms silicone ice cube.

The Most Important Benefits

For A Fresh Complexion And Silky

Every evening, after you have thoroughly cleaned skin makeup and impurities, put some ice cubes in a small bag and massage the face and neck for 3 minutes.

When applied to the skin, ice cubes helps in enhancing the blood circulation, which gives the skin a natural and healthy glow.

To give skin a radiant tint you can use ice cubes with fruit juices. Specialists say that the effects will be visible after a few days, gaining your skin look fresh and velvety.

To Alleviate Acne

Ice cubes are one of the most effective therapies for inflamed pimples. Wrap an ice cube in a cheesecloth or handkerchief and held for 3-5 minutes on the problem area.

Here is the best one liner about makeup – “Flowers need care.”

Ice improves blood circulation, thus preventing early formation of wrinkles. To benefit from this miraculous therapeutic effect, massage your skin every day with an ice cube before applying makeup.

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One minute is enough to boost blood flow to the face. Ice cubes can help in reducing inflammation and redness caused by pimples and blemishes.

You can apply ice cubes directly on the acne affected areas for a few seconds until they numb and the procedure can be performed every two days.

For Dark Circles And Under Eye Bags

Ice cubes are best when you have dark circles and bags under the eyes. Wrap ice cubes in two or handkerchief, place them on your closed eyes and gently rub in circular motions all over the eye area for 2 minutes.

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A combination of cucumber juice and frozen water can be used successfully to reduce dark circles. Furthermore, the treatment will help in reducing the swelling resulting from sleepless nights.

This is a best and tested therapy for the treatment of pores and it can be very useful to those looking for a solution to control the (skin) oil production. For the records, beauty experts are using this therapy since last few decades in spas and skin care procedures.

Try this ice cube massage and I can assure you of a flawless complexion.