Shit! It’s Monday Again. Why Do People Hate Mondays

Shit! It's Monday Again. Why Do People Hate Mondays
Shit! It's Monday Again. Why Do People Hate Mondays
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  1. Body needs time to chase the rhythm.
  2. Search funny video for a few minutes.
  3. Once in a week, pamper yourself with a fat full meal.

Monday is the first weekday and is regarded with horror by most people who work worldwide.

Why do people hate Mondays? Why is it so hard to get out of bed Monday morning? The reasons can be many. Studies conducted over the years show that most people are apathetic and lethargic on Monday, they did not feel like doing anything.

Funny conclusion of a study says first smile appears on Monday somewhere around noon; fear most managers worldwide is that employees will be late for work on Monday.

So why all people, regardless of nationality or religion, hate Mondays? Let’s try to find some grounds.

Revival is the hardest part in a Monday. On Saturday and Sunday, we are our own boss. Everything seems under control; we can wake up when we want. But, then comes a day to ruin our happiness and force us to return to the routine imposed by the work program.

The body needs time to get back into their rhythm after the break and this explains the need to stay in bed more than on Monday.

Another reason could be that you hate your job or boss. Just imagine, Monday morning and you are given a report full that is more of a sadistic feedback. This is for sure going to ruin your week. Pressure on Monday is due to the fact that being the first of the week, people behave more irritably.

A weekend spent in a pleasant way, with friends or family can be another reason for hating Monday that separate us from these moments; it keep telling us that we should get back to work, among same annoying colleagues and bosses.

After spending a weekend in the presence of people, who can make you forget all your salary increases and promotions, the mere thought of being with the same pain-in-neck kinda people force you to hate Monday.

The worst scenario is when you have to go to work Monday and you feel like your head is going to explode because of a hangover.

Not only adults, I have seen children hating Monday, especially because they have to go to school. Be it adults or kids, the main reason behind matchless hate for Monday is – it comes after two days, full of fun.

Again, you need to change your pace and you have to be a part of the same rule-book. Such animosity for Monday begins at a young age and worsens over time.

Do not let the gloomy state to take hold on you from the first day of the week. Try to look at the positive side of things and follow some simple steps to enhance your love for Monday.

Drink Your Coffee With New People

Most likely your colleagues are just as upset as you are. Of course, it is more comfortable sitting with them and chattering about how short was the weekend. Try to socialize half of Monday with new people or with people you have not yet had the opportunity to know very well.

Maybe they feel better than you and they can offer you the necessary dose of optimism. Experts say that happiness is contagious, so it’s worth trying this version.

Find Funny Video On The Internet

Do not begin working with utmost seriousness from the first moment. Search funny video for a few minutes. Laughter reduces stress hormone production, and this is fixed remedy that you need to start the week right.

Go To The Gym

Yeah, probably waking up the morning not even your winks, but exercise attenuates the poor state of mind and releases endorphins. In addition, the movement helps increasing the body temperature, an effect that contributes to a state of peace.

Sex in The Morning

Experts say that people who have sex in the morning feel energetic and full of life all day, so you can test this theory too.

Eat More And Better

Surely not afford to eat fries mesh, pancakes with chocolate and coffee with lots of milk every day, but once a week you can pamper yourself with a meal. Fat contributes to dismiss negative emotions, and this is exactly what you need in a day demanding for months.

No matter how unpleasant it may seem, try to stay positive and do not let monotony take hold on you. Apply at least one of the five steps and recollect yourself to work quickly and efficiently.

It’s not OK to hate Mondays, because it’s not OK to live a life where you wait and survive. You are meant to create, to express yourself and experience. You are meant to live with passion – this is the true human nature.

If you do not like Mondays, you need to refresh your passions. Once you understand the difference between spending life and really living it to the fullest, you will start loving Monday.