Online Dating – jack n jill, went up the wrong hill and got their luck drilled

Secrets Exposed – jack n jill, went up the wrong hill and got their luck drilled
Secrets Exposed – jack n jill, went up the wrong hill and got their luck drilled
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Sukhdeep Singh

Sukhdeep Singh

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Passionate about playing with words. Sukhdeep is a Post Graduate in Finance. Besides penning down ideas, he is an expert online marketing consultant and a speaker.

All you storytellers and lady-fellers; are you going through the right books of online dating success or are you still living in your own safe zone?

Most of the youngsters are still using the same old grand dad’s techniques of late 90’s for fetching ladies of this 21 century. In this article, I will be lifting veils from some all time favorite folklore’s, which are no more than preserved mummies nowadays.

We are what we hide – don’t behave in a mysterious way

Irrefutably, many of us still live in a world where we believe in keeping secrets or where we try to camouflage ourselves. This is where we behave in a mysterious manner and pretend ourselves like a man behind firewalls.

We believe that by being behind the precautionary bars, we can save ourselves from the real bars (imprisonment) or sometime we feel like these manipulated masks results in their hiked infatuation towards us.

A girl may feel like knowing more about us; a girl may feel like demystifying the mysteries behind us.

However, this is our wrong perception and now girls are seriously not into having a chat with an alien from other world. Take an example of Brad Pitt, Tom Cruise or any other celebrity; are they identity strange, no they are not.

It is quite a simple thing to understand, that everyone wants to know with whom he/she is dealing.

Therefore, rejecting a web-cam request or talking like ‘beating around the bush’ is a myth and one has to avoid these. Always remember, we are what we hide. Be a man and do the right thing, otherwise, somebody gonna get a hurt real bad.”

Beautiful and Boastful – Use the Right Word

Though there is no harm in pronouncing someone ‘dazzling,’ but should be done only if one really deserves that.

You should not behave like a heart thrower, who use his love vocabulary every here and there because this will for sure put you in the list of “online admirers,” and will represent your greediness and neediness.

It is obvious that you need an opening line to start an email while dating online, but that has to be unique and must seems like ‘directly from the heart’.

By limiting your expressions in boundaries, you can surely keep her interest alive in you; let her beg for more and you should keep telling her, “you got to earn it baby; I am not just giving it for free.

Baba Black Sheep – do you have jokes

Everyone wants to laugh and when it is about beautiful faces, you need to make their grin as wider as you can. You must learn some witty and ditty lines to impress someone or to befriend someone.

Trust me, there is no need to offer self as a handkerchief or as a shoulder to cry upon; this is an old technique and adopting this will only make you an online life-counselor. Reversely, you need to behave like someone who is full of life and have jokes for every situation.

Do not behave like a jerk that is always on for buying everything offered to him by her girl; rather show your guts to tease her. Remember the butterfly theory; the more you chase, the farthest it flies.

Therefore, if you believe that being a life counselor can get you a date, you are wrong my friend; girl’s are after dudes and old ladies are after life-counselors.