More Sex & Healthy Relationship – True??

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Love + Trust + Loyalty + Great Sex = An Unbreakable Relationship

“What’s wrong with me? Why do I think of having sex all the time? Am I becoming a sex maniac or is it normal?” Well, before we can explore this area, allow me to walk you through this musky alley for a few more steps. While digging deep, I came across an interesting research-paper that claimed – it is 19 times a day on an average when a man thinks about having sex and for ladies, it is nearly 10 times a day. The experts say, it varies from person to person and it is more of a question about a person’s comfort level with his or her sexuality; a more comfortable one is, the more likely he/she will think of it. I am not going to debate about the legitimacy of one’s sexual behavior because that is complete a different area of research. This attempt of mine is directly associated with Sex and Happy Married Life. Respecting your limits, if sex discussions are something that disturbs you, I urge you not to read it any further.

No offense, but gone are those days when sex was only man’s copyright; men think and women desire. Be it man or woman, I have read many cases where both are seen begging for it and none of them found showing any sort of qualms about admitting it. Don’t trust me? Google yourself. I must say people are becoming more open to it and perhaps this is the reason behind soaring number of open debates, and social media experiments. Quite an amazing fact! Huh? Well! How often you think? There are research-papers and enough shreds of evidence that claims – sexless marriages lead to divorce. Do you know there are cases where men have been granted a divorce after they proved – denial of sex by the wife that amounted to mental cruelty? There are several other cases where the excessive and insatiable desire for sex became a reason for divorce. Do you know that the court has recognized that marriage without sex is an anathema; more likely a body without blood.

There are studies going on about how satisfied couples are with their marriage on the basis of sex. The results were strange – the lovebirds who had more sex, are rather happier and positive about each other. Sex is a vital thing and something that differentiate you as a couple from just being a routine room-sharing partners. Instead, making it a taboo, we must start admitting that sex is an emotional thing and having the sex means emotionally well-connected couple. Do get me right here, I am not talking about deadwood kind of sex, where partners are not actively involved. A responsible and healthy sex requires a deep level of trust, comfort level and security on the top. How many times a couple should have sex in a week is not a question. But, the real question is – are they really feeling connected even if they are having it once in a week.

A very good quote from a man’s diary – “What happens in the bedroom really does affect how I feel the next day at the office.”

The sexual behavior of a female partner and emotional needs of a man, both are directly related. Women need to understand the husband’s psychology behind his sexual expectations from his wife. Not surprisingly, a man feels more loved and desired when his sexual needs are met. Most of the men, even if they are surrounded with friends, live with a deep sense of loneliness and making love or having sexual intercourse is the purest ointment for this sort epidemic. Adding to it, not many of the women know that sexual pleasure that you are giving to your men gives them a sense of confidence. Can I tell you dear ladies – “your no for sex means a rejection of your men.” In addition, if you are just having it because you are supposed to have it – you are again rejecting him, but in a different way.

Intimacy is a must in a relationship, but what if a couple has completely lost it for any said reason? How can they get it back, as it is very important to get it fixed? The primary reasons behind the increasing cases of lack of sexual attractiveness or low sexual desire among couples behind others arelack of genuine feeling for one’s partner and that can be improved by communication only. Be it a man or woman, without mutual satisfaction, sex is nothing, but more of a one-sided cricket match with a weak team who has already surrendered. The other reasons like a busy schedule, negative feelings, inferiority complex because of erection difficulty or pre-mature ejaculations, fatigue, shame or others chronic health problems. If husbands are told to be kind, appreciative, generous, giving, then women must know how to deal with their psychological problems that are the main culprit behind their ever decreasing sex drives. They need to learn how to be more forgiving, and how to bluntly discuss their problem in a logical way. You need to learn how you can work on your self-esteem and you need to be more open with your expectations from your partner. Tell your partner, what he can do so that you find him more attractive. Whatever the reasons are, rebuilding sexual interest is a must. Divorce is always a solution, but how about fixing things before going for it?