Me , My Money, and My Relationships

Me , My Money and My Relationships
Me , My Money and My Relationships
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Sukhdeep Singh

Sukhdeep Singh

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Passionate about playing with words. Sukhdeep is a Post Graduate in Finance. Besides penning down ideas, he is an expert online marketing consultant and a speaker.

यह लेख हिन्दी में पढ़ें।

Your relationships with others depend on two things – what is your fate and what is in your pocket? Sometimes I wonder, how true this quote is about me, my money and my relationships?

Today, as I am enjoying my favorite hot chocolate with a cup of cappuccino every morning, I take this quote as utter nonsense. I was very much broadminded about the same when I was struggling for a better life and something more to eat than a loaf of bread and a can of cheap juice.

“Bury your old memories and let the sleeping dog lie.” I had enough of this. Though I am trying a lot; I have changed a lot and now I think that I don’t think from heart. But, I know, I still enjoy living in the same old bubble that only gives bruises and scars.

Throughout my life so far, I had enough of people with different shades, the shades of their hearts. Reminds me of those ugly years, when my myths about being human and humanity were thrashed like houses of cards.

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Relationships are now so materialistic that blood-brothers are filing lawsuits on blood-brothers and real sisters are conspiring against their own real sisters. If I am visiting my relatives in a BMW, I will be having a different treatment.

And, if I am a two-wheeler rider, I will be treated as if I was never expected. Be it blood relations or others, money and your social status are playing a major role. I am talking about wallet size because heart size barely matters.

For me, it is hard to understand that even we know this materialism is breeding unhappiness, yet we are favoring it. A wedding ceremony, a date, valentines’ day, birthday bash, family or office parties or even a dinner with family; if we are not spending millions, we are not happy.

Actually, we are competing with others and sometimes with our own siblings. Our happiness is in their hands now. We all are becoming praise hungry and love is long gone. We find happiness out of a place madly decorated with expensive chandeliers or well-dressed waiters.

Tell me if you agree; do you feel the same happiness in a five-star hotel that you had with your dad when he bought an ice-cream for you from a roadside ice-cream seller? It is not about hygiene actually because we all know the truth behind the glorified hygienic standards of these five-star places. We are actually running after status symbols.

I want my name in the properties because that is the definition of love and trust for me. I want my relatives to treat me like a VIP because that is what makes me feel happy. I fear from sharing my ideas with anyone, but I want people to comment on my facebook status, once I am done with something.

I want to scream about my gifts and possession and I want people to notice it. Be it, my close friend or brother, I do not want to be tagged by someone who is not of my financial standards. I feel like skipping when I see an old friend or a relative, not so good with his life; “Kahin Kujh Mang Hi Na Le (what if he/she asked for some help?”).

We all getting it wrong. We should appreciate the values and feelings instead judging people on their materialistic belongings. Time changes and success is not permanent. “Who can spend on me,” is not as important as, “who will stand by me.”

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There is a close relation observed between materialism, a lack of empathy and engagement with others, and unhappiness.

Reminds me of an old quote, “A hand that wipes your tears during a failure is much more worthy than the thousand hands that clap at your success.”