Love, Sex & Blackmailing. Where are we going?


I was watching a crime show the other day on YouTube. It was a case of revenge – a girl killed her ex-bf with her recent bf; her ex was blackmailing her. After watching the complete story, I was confused; is killing someone become that easy and how can you blackmail someone whom you loved so much? Isn’t it a betrayal on both sides; and the sole reason that makes sense to me is – LUST? I am sorry, but love has nothing to do with hurting someone in any manner. Love is all about seeing your beloved one happy and not about seizing your own happiness. “If you love someone, let them go. If they return, they were always yours, if they don’t, they never were,” they say. But, nowadays, it is different. “Main tumhe bhool jao, yeh ho nai sakta aur tum mujhe bhool jao, yeh main hone nahi dunga (“I won’t allow myself forget you and I won’t let you forget me either).” No denial, we have seen a devil side of lovers here.

We are what we hide.

I am talking about iPhone age and social media age. We are what we hide. This reminds me of a quote that goes like, “in this age of mobile phones, the only person you can trust is – whose phone is without lock.” Every freaking person is looking for an opportunity; a chance to stare, a chance to spy, a chance to look into the dark secrets of someone.” Gone are those days, when proposing someone was a matter of ‘life and death’. But, nowadays, go anywhere, you can hear people screaming – “I am in love.” It makes me feel as confused a kid in a half-naked bar, “when did this awesome emotion of a human being become a merchandise? Be it dusty windows of the car, stinking public toilets, crowded waiting for lounges, electric poles, trees dipped in bird-shits, smelly walls of vacant plots or back seats of the buses; lovers seem always on their mark.

(Hidden intentions) Boy – “I will be making secret videos of our secret moments. I will be saving all your text messages and emails. I will be saving all your pictures that you are sharing with me on social media. And, the moment you try to ditch me for any reason, I will be making everything on-air and online. I will make you famous in a way that no one will dare to accept you.” Will you be my girlfriend?

(Hidden intentions) Girl – “ Oh really! I know your intentions. Probably, you don’t know; this is not my first time. Before you even dream of making those images live or morph, I will be lodging a FIR (fake) against you. I will spoil your career and the stigma won’t leave you until you die.” Do you still want to be my boyfriend?

I have discovered something about modern love and I might be wrong. To me, today love is – either give and take or emotional blackmail. Love Aaj Kal (in these days) only about romantic movies on the corner seats, expensive gifts, night-outs, and living relationships. No offense, but now lovebirds do keep options; should one fail, they are ready with another one. We cannot deny, love has become a mode of satisfying our needs, whether physical or financial. Except a few cases, it is no more about Heer Ranjha, Romeo Juliet, Laila Majnu, but tu nahi to aur sahi (if it is not you, it will be someone else). Just think about it, when did this word comes into existence in your life called – EX; Ex-Husband, Ex-Wife, Ex- Boyfriend, Ex-Girlfriend? Correct me if I am wrong – 99.999 percent couples, despite being completely aware of their relationship’s destiny, barely shy away from crossing all moral limits. Youngsters call it broad-mindedness. But, I find it very hard to understand, are we becoming strong enough or cheap enough?

“Your Naked Body should only belong to those who fall in love with your naked soul. ”Charlie Chaplin

“We met, we hugged, we kissed, we shared the bed, but then we realized we were not made for each other. This is actually a loop (of partner finding) that we love initiating after every breakup and keep it on repetitions unless a marriage proposal ‘forced on us’ puts a full stop.” With a few exceptions, in these days, the simple logic behind any (dating) relationship’s survival is – an uninterrupted functioning of the barter system (exchanging good and service for other good and services). And, the moment there comes an obstacle in this ‘interchange’ – it either a time for action (breakup) or reaction (revenge). Cases of raping someone or acid attacks after rejection (proposal) are nothing new. Do you see love here? I don’t see at all. Now, lovers are not ready for making any sort of sacrifices. With the smallest fraction of exception, it is all about cheating and sex; I am sorry to say. Can you tell me a reason, what is reason behind that blackmailing or assaulting? Moreover, “What is the purpose behind forming a relationship with someone about whom you are in doubts?” Isn’t it only about sex and cheating?

People usually, I was real, but for my partner, it was all about sex. Oh Come on. To tell, what a relationship was all about is as easy as changing a kid’s nappy. Check it out if – your partner compels you to come over when no one is at home, doesn’t want to go out, never talks about family, never want to hear about your family, all your phone conversations and text message are about sex, all you have is a cell number of your partner, no meeting in public, you initiate all communications, barely cares about your feelings; congratulations, it is all about sex and no love. And, if any of the above suits you, stop naming your lust as love. Well, just for the records, I am not opposing sex. Without a commitment, if you are having sex, let me whisper it, this is not love, but one-night stand with multiple partners.

Finally, I would say – Sex is a part of love. You Shouldn’t Go Around Doing It Unless You Are In Love.