Jealousy A self-created drama of hating someone.

Jealousy – A self-created drama of hating someone
Jealousy – A self-created drama of hating someone
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Jealousy affects our thoughts, feelings and behavior like a virus without you noticing.

Jealousy in a relationship is a common phenomenon and only a few are a master at dealing with this hard-core emotion of ours. When we talk about our personal relationship, a bad experience with your (ex) partner when mixes up with jealousy; coping up becomes extremely difficult. Most of the people start checking their partner’s phone, email or internet history, as and when they get any chance. But, can you confirm it as a right way to tackle jealousy? Frankly speaking, jealous leads to a lot of relationship problems and in worst cases, it becomes a reason behind the breakup of a relationship. No doubt, dealing with jealousy require some persistence, but eventually you pluck the fruits of it.

Should you need a recovery, you need to understand the basis of it. It is a feeling that you have and only you can get yourself out of it. The only thing that you should be expecting from your partner is – help; perhaps your partner can help you.