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People get into illegitimate affairs because of many reasons – for the sake of a thrill, physical/emotional needs are not met in the current relationship, attraction, etc. to name a few. Grass is always greener the other side… eh?

Well, most of the times it happens that after few months into an affair the guilt consumes them because they had taken an irrational decision of getting into an affair without thinking of the consequences at the first place. One day you wake up and you realize that whatever you have been doing is completely wrong and you are in a meaningless affair. you have become a “cheater” you never thought you’ll be! Then, another of your life will start – how to get out of an illicit affair?


  1. Irrational decisions leads to illicit affairs.
  2. Get out of it as soon as possible.
  3. Nothing is more attractive than loyalty.

So what to do in such a condition? How to exit gracefully without hurting your illicit partner and without creating a buzz out of it? The situation is messy – agree, Your affair partner is not ready – agree! There’s no problem or an entangled situation that has no solution. There’s solution to everything in this world if you’re really ready to work on your situation. Follow these tips and just get the hell out of that affair instantaneously:

Don’t procrastinate in this situation

Procrastinating your decision will make things harder. The longer you stay with your affair – partner, the more they will build up hopes on you. It’s better to come out of such at your earliest before the world gets hints about it.

You should take prompt decisions especially when both of you are already married to different people. You don’t want to get into a situation where one of you is ready to leave a while one wants to give their marriage a second chance. Take an action before things get dirtier than it already is.

Talk out your situation with your affair partner

Talking always helps. Find a proper situation, place and time to talk wisely about your decision with your affair partner. Make him/her understand how you’re feeling and how you really want to work on your relationship/marriage.

Friendly goodbyes are always better than brutal break-ups. Make sure you are ending an affair on good terms because you don’t want this affair to come in between you and your partner in future. If they need time to pull themselves from you, give them some time but not much!

Don’t make him/her feel that you are choosing between the two

This can be the worst feeling, especially when you are a .">cheating man in a with a woman. Women get emotionally invested in any relationship while for men it is only up to a physical level most of the time.

You really don’t want your affair partner to feel that you are choosing your legitimate relationship because your partner is better than him/her. You have to rest assure them that it’s not a competition and all you want to do is to make things back to normal and uncomplicated.

Once you are done, you are done!

Don’t leave any open doors after you are separated from your affair partner. Cut all your contacts and focus on making your relation better and beautiful with your partner.

Nothing is more attractive than loyalty. Makeup to your partner for all the “cheating trauma” you have given to him/her.