Do you know what all women want in Bed?

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When it comes to sex, all men think that they have the cheat code; they do know how to satisfy a woman. But, still, most of the males do make mistakes in the bed. To the date, no school teach sexuality in the depth, it is no wonder that no one knows exactly what to do and how. Till date, sex is a matter of discussion only. Despite endless research papers, journals, articles, video lectures and other available literature on this topic, people finds it difficult to deal with their sexual problems. Also, these testing and learning method, however, are not always guaranteed to work, and neither women nor men themselves know exactly how their own bodies work. With a few exceptions most of the men are completely unaware of the mistakes they make in bed. But, here I will try to bring out a few of those idiotic mistakes and hope a few of you men out there will be benefited.

Men are too Selfish/Dominant in Bed

Admit it, guys, most of us are selfish and behave like a dominant in the bed. For us, sex is all about our pleasure and we are least bothered about our partner. We need to understand that women orgasm take time. For most of the men, the duration of the sexual act is mere 4-8 minutes, i.e. the duration of their orgasm. But, in the case of women, they do not yield an orgasm in such a short time. It is quite a simple phenomenon to understand that if being a man you are only thinking about your orgasm, then actually you are preparing your woman for a major disappointment. In such cases of one-sided pleasure, a woman will be only concerned about her male partner’s ejaculation; they won’t be enjoying sex at all. Women who enjoy sex, however, like to have long proportions. Instead, being a dominant part or playing selfish, tantra says that a good lover just focuses on her partner and reads the sight of partner’s every wish. For a man, it is good to be confident in bed, but not dominant.

Woman is the gate, and the man is the key. The gate will not open without a key, but in order to get in, must have the correct key, and it must be able to turn right.

Short or No Foreplay

Ancient cultures describe a man in bed as a fire that ignites and burns with a quick glance of flame. But, a woman is a water, which takes the time to warm up and remains hot for a longer duration. All I want to say is – most of the men want to reach their orgasm as faster as they can, but for women, it takes the time to process. Indeed, there are women who do not need to engage in foreplay, and should you have this kind of woman, you then do not have to deal with the length of foreplay. Most women, however, requires a longer foreplay. Ideally, a man should not reach woman’s bottom until the woman is the wet bottom, which indicates that she is excited. Some women may experience vaginal dryness, but it is already a separate issue, and for this, you can use natural oils (such as coconut oil) as a lubricant. When a man penetrates and vagina is too dry, it not only cause trouble to man, but also can cause pain and irritation in the vagina. Communicate with your partner and ask what and how she likes.


Too Little Kisses

Partners who have been together for a long time, do not kiss anymore so often. Women complain that they have sex, but for some reason, their male partners do not want to kiss them at all. Kissing is one of the most wonderful things as it helps in creating a real deep connection with a partner. The kissing energetically balances each other and exchange the necessary hormones. Kisses can take away the pain, burn calories, raise self-esteem, tighten facial muscles and increase happiness. People who regularly kiss are lot healthier and happier.

Routine Bed

Women often complaint that they already know all of the moves of their partners in advance; where he is going to touch, kisses, or postures that he will do, and when it will finish. Dear men, be resourceful and creative in bed. It is important to note that the worst time to have sex is in the evening when everyone is tired and is just not in a creative force. The best time to have sex is in the morning because in the evening a tired and full stomach makes a man ejaculate quickly and the duration remains short. If the energy is over, then it’s good for sex, for the time to have experimented with new positions, places, etc. The internet is a wealth of information on the go to keep yourself constantly replenished; spend as little time as 15 minutes a few days a week and sexuality educate yourself.

Too Intensive Movements

When a man enters the woman inside, then the most terrible thing according to women – when a man begins to swing back and forth quickly. Most of the area experts are rejecting these quick movements for said reasons. First, it can be painful, since it often goes against cervical, and believe there is nothing pleasant. Male genital should move slowly and calmly, focusing on the 100% feeling that it evokes both. If a man puts on only the head of the genital, it can stimulate the G-spot, pushing a little deeper into the A-section and the rear by entering the U-section. Cervix, as well as coming to a very powerful orgasm, but before this, it is necessary to open it. Fast movements can be very good, but it is important to understand exactly what you are doing, and why. To this end, it is necessary to closely monitor the woman’s body and see how it reacts to different movements.


Woman in Bed doing all the Work

The women say, “when a man throws his back and says, give it a go, then there is nothing particularly sexy.” Rather, there is a feeling that the man gives a chance to get off to meet without having to bother much. The title may be a very nice if it is part of the sex because it is really a way to get the woman to orgasm cervical and other types of orgasms. But, when the seven days of the week is the same sex, a man and a woman under the title, then, is not a stimulant.

Woman is the gate, and the man is the key. The gate will not open without a key, but in order to get in, must have the correct key, and it must be able to turn right.

Men who have no Care for Themselves

Most of the women think, with a few exception, men do not take proper care of themselves; greasy, furry and obese men are not sexy. No offense, but, to trim your underarms and pubic areas. Washing is also very crucial. Hygienically as well genital areas should be kept clean and one must make sure that these areas are properly washed before intercourse. It is also important that the man will take care of his health; eat sensibly and healthily, work out and keep yourself in shape. The man does not have to be fashion models, but taking care of normalcy within is necessary for everyone.

It is a common turn-off; most of the men get an orgasm before their female partner. Dear dudes, please do not screw it onto your wife back. Her body remains extremely unpleasant feeling on the side when you walk away. Do not keep things limited to your orgasm only; be creative, and learn to deal with your partner. The vast majority of men are aware of the woman’s clitoris. Although a few might have heard of the G-spot, but usually it is limited to the case. Women can get seven different types of orgasm. It is good to understand a woman’s anatomy and if you understand it, then you could be a better lover.

It is good to understand a woman’s anatomy and if you understand it, then you could be a better lover.