Condoms Do you know the side-effects of condoms?

Condoms-Do you know the side-effects of condoms?
Condoms-Do you know the side-effects of condoms?
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The role of condoms in the prevention of sexually transmitted diseases and contraception (prevention of unwanted pregnancy) is well known.

The use of condoms is the most effective method of protection against diseases like AIDS, gonorrhea, syphilis when you have sex. Although we do not miss to check the quality seal as only tested proprietary brands with quality seal ensure high security. We do keep a close eye of the package expiration date and vendor name. We know that condoms are a maximum of four to five-year shelf life. Should we see the expiry date expired, we prefer not to buy them. But, despite these precautions we cannot avoid the side-effects of condoms.

You can make latex allergy

The majority of condoms are made of latex, but not all individuals bear substance. Therefore, people using condoms may experience a latex allergy manifested by itching in the genital area, rhinorrhea, sneezing and, in rare cases, dizziness, headaches and skin inflammation.

Do not protect against all sexually transmitted diseases

Since condom only covers the penis, threatened to take some sexually transmitted infections (STIs) because the vaginal mucosa in contact with the genitals of men that are not covered by a condom. For example, if your partner is suffering from human papillomavirus (HPV) and has sores in contact with the vaginal mucosa, you can become infected with HPV. The same can happen with other STIs.

There is a risk of getting pregnant

Even when the condom is applied properly, there’s still a 2% risk of getting pregnant. The risk increases when a condom breaks or does not cover enough male organ. If a condom slipped or torn, the woman should quickly check with a gynecologist.

Increased cancer risk

Excessive condom use increases the risk of cancer in women, as claimed by many areas experts and researchers. Talc used by some manufacturers, in addition, can cause itching and irritation, and may result in severe health consequences constituting a carcinogen complicated. Talc can cause ovarian cancer, and if inhaled and reaches the lungs, causing respiratory problems and even lung cancer.


One of the side-effects of condoms is a latex allergy. String symptoms irritation, burning, itching, peeling skin, palpitations could be very long. They depend on the type of allergy you have.

You can become infertile

If your boyfriend often uses a condom, this habit can inhibit the production of anti-sperm antibodies, “those molecules that prevent the movement of sperm, fertilization or inhibiting implantation embryo,” according to a study in 2011 on the role of condoms in infertility. Thus, if you use a condom, the female body becomes less able to produce these antibodies, which are actually a disorder of the immune system.

Some condoms contain a spermicide oil- called nonoxynol 9, which suffocates the skin internally and externally. Ethylene dibromide is another substance contained condoms causing redness, itching, and sometimes genital herpes. Wondering, of course, that’s the alternative? The safest way to protect you from sexually transmitted diseases is to have a stable relationship based on mutual respect, trust, and loyalty.

One should improve his knowledge about the fertile and infertile days, and must minimize the use of condoms.