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10 Signs That You Are In An Inappropriate Relationship
10 Signs That You Are In An Inappropriate Relationship

10 Signs That You Are In An Inappropriate Relationship

Sukhdeep Singh

Sukhdeep Singh

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There comes a time in every relationship when the partner starts doubting each other for unexplained reasons.

Be it a misunderstanding, communication issue, or something else; sometimes you are left with no other option than reconsidering the fate of your relationship. However, quitting a relationship is not an easy step to proceed with, especially a relationship in which you have invested countless feelings and emotions. You need a right advice and you need a clear vision that can let you see the realities. Here are some sign that you are in an inappropriate relationship. Do you see any in your relationship?

1You have to change to make your partner happy

We all feel the need to change a little when entering a new relationship. However, the problem begins when the change is for satisfying your partner and not for your betterment or happiness.

This becomes a problem when you are asked to follow the values, opinions even for your clothing that your partner likes.

I seriously see no fun in a relationship, where you are on a continuous surveillance of your partner and every move of yours is under his monitor.

These kinds of relationships are actually good for nothing. Basically, you are sacrificing your peace of mind for the happiness of your partner.

2When no one, but you like your partner

Well, this is a very tricky one. When you are in love with someone, you barely see any flaws. Perhaps, this is why people say that love is blind.

It is okay if a few don’t like your partner, but you seriously need to think about if most of those around you are against your partner.

When all your family and friends feel uncomfortable with the one next to you, it’s time to look carefully at the relationship where you are.

If you are leaving all your loved ones for one single person, then chances are that this relationship is not going to end well. For a long-term relationship, you must consider the opinion of those, who were there for you before that one person’s entry in your life.

3Criticism on every little thing

Criticism is okay, as far as it is about motivating someone. However, in a relationship, there is no place for an unhealthy criticism; a criticism that degrades someone.

If your partner love comparing you with others and that too with not so good intentions; consider it as a signal that your relationship is in danger.

4You wonder constantly what your partner must be doing when you are not around

Every time I listen to Elvis song, “Suspicious Minds,” I feel like it is totally true. You cannot get into a relationship as long as you have doubts.

Relationship demands honesty, loyalty, and trust. Should you see any single element missing, there is no good use of staying in that relationship.

5I am the one making all decisions and you are the disciple

Your partner wants to meet you only when it is convenient for him/her. On the other side, he prefers or just spend time with his family or his/her friends. Sound familiar?

If your partner takes the decision and you follow them religiously, it is time to rethink about your relationship. Again, this is more likely forcing to like and act the way your partner likes.

6No sex or only sex

Sex plays an important role in a relationship. But, when it is only about sex or no sex at all; there is something for sure and you need to be very careful about that particular situation.

No good use of staying with a sex maniac. But at the same time, you must have an acceptable sexual connection if you want a long-term relationship. You don’t need friends because you already have enough. It’s time to find the person who gives love and sexual relationships that you need.

7When finding some time for self, becomes a challenge

I have seen many people complaining that they hardly get any time for self. Most of the time, they are either making their partner happy or the people around.

If you are in such a relationship, having a vacation becomes mandatory. And, if you are not doing that, trust me, you are heading towards serious problems.

8You are the person responsible for the happiness of your partner

The emotional equilibrium of your partner depends upon you. In other words, if you are the person responsible for your partner’s happiness.

And, if your partner is mournful, you are the person behind your partner’s sadness. Do you see any such symptoms? It is time to reconsider! My friend.

9Your partner control who you see and what you do

This could be the most important warning sign.

If you feel that your partner controls your time spent with friends, family, finances, and even clothes that you wear, it is clear that you are in a wrong relationship. Here, do not confuse suggestions with controls.

10Treats you like an option

It may sound very trivial, but your partner tends to not take you seriously; time to reconsider things because you are in a wrong relationship where you are likely to regret later.

Breaking up is not an easy thing to do and sometimes, having a communication is all you need, to solve your issues.

Despite seeing above-mentioned signs, before the separation, try discussing the issues with your partner. See, if there is something you both can help each other with before you surrender.